The poacher has not been caught for 9 days. Teacher Jeeb-Utane Gunman Kills Student: PPTVHD36

Progress in the case of Uthen Dawai student who was shot with the jeep of the teacher was first seriously injured and died yesterday. After being treated in the hospital for 8 days, the family is preparing to receive the body at Chulangorn Hospital today. To be used in religious ceremonies

Today, 20 November 2023, the atmosphere of forensic science Chulalongkorn Hospital throughout the morning, Rajamangala University of Technology first year student Mr. Doctors conducted an autopsy on Thanasorn Hongchawat. The man was shot on November 11 at the Uthendavai complex and died after a post-mortem yesterday. It will be completed by noon today.

Then the family will bring the documents. Come and take action to retrieve the corpse. It has been reported that go to perform the religious rites. Apart from Mr. Thanasorn’s family coming to receive the body today, there are elders and friends from Uthen Tha. They will come to get the body too

Uthen, the victim of a young mechanic’s gunman, has died.

The search for the “Teacher Jeep” shooter has left town.

Then the family came to collect the body and 7 policemen from Padumawan police station came around the area for security. Take care of safety to observe the incident Do not allow the other side to create additional situations.

As for the progress of the case, the Tung Maha Mak Police Station and the Metropolitan Police Investigation Department are still chasing the culprit and at least 2 people are believed to have fled from the Bangkok area. It has now been 9 days and the shooter is still at large.

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