A perverted nanny has been sentenced to 700 years in prison after raping more than 10 boys.

On November 17, 2023, Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski, 34, of Costa Mesa passed away. California court convicted him. According to allegations of sexual assault on 16 boys while serving as a nanny for these children. For the past ten years, he must serve a prison sentence of no less than 700 years.

Orange County State’s Attorney Todd Spitzer charged Zakrzewski with molesting and raping the boys between the ages of 2 and 12. He also showed pornographic images of one boy. With the intention of raping that child

She also said Zakrzewski was an expert at planning to lure children. He had recorded several videos of himself sexually abusing children between January 2014 and May 2019, including teaching the children to lie to their parents about his abuse of the boys.

Zakrevsky was arrested by Laguna Beach police. He had just gotten off an international flight on May 17, 2019. He was originally charged with five felony counts, including three counts of lewd conduct with a minor under 14, and one count of use of a child under 10. for committing sexual acts and one count of possession of child pornography.

The charges against him were later increased to 34, including 27 of indecent behavior towards children under 14, after more boys were identified as his victims. Based on videos from his home along with tips from citizens and investigations by officials

Zakrzewski was found guilty of 34 counts and sentenced to 705 years in prison, plus an additional two years and eight months.

According to news reports, Zakrzewski showed no remorse. Although the families of the children who were victims issued a joint statement condemning it. But this perverted nanny responded: He took pride in making these parents’ children smile and the “good times we shared together.” “It’s definitely 100% true.”

Before being charged, Zakrzewski used a website to find local babysitting jobs. And call yourself and describe his qualities as a “true partner nanny.” She is a nanny who can guide the children as a “big brother” and provides overnight babysitting services. Including during vacation.

source: nypost.com

Image source: Getty Images, Laguna Beach Police Department

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