The number of victims of Cyclone Rimal in India and Bangladesh has risen to at least 65 cases

Foreign news agencies report from New Delhi. India on May 29 reported that the Indian Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Agency reported that the number of deaths due to the impact of Cyclone Sands in the country had risen to at least 48 since last Sunday. From the state of Mizoram, located in the northeastern part of India, the most affected, at least 28 people died, while at least 17 people were confirmed dead in Bangladesh.

While data from the Bangladesh National Meteorological Office indicated that Cyclone Sand is considered one of the longest-lasting storms in the history of Bangladesh. This continued for more than 36 hours, breaking the record for Cyclone Aila, which passed through Bangladesh in 2009.

Meanwhile, at least 200 mm of rain has been reported in some areas in Bangladesh since the sand made landfall.

Moreover, the storm is moving very slowly. This means that the extent of the damage may also occur. Information from the Bangladesh Meteorological Office indicates that Sands is the fastest forming cyclone. In the last few decades Bangladesh has collected as much data as ever

However, global climate change is likely to be an important factor. Because it is usually storms that form in the southern or southwestern region of the Bay of Bengal. It takes approximately 7-8 days, but the sand only needs 3 days to collect wind energy from the low pressure area. To become a storm.

Image source: Agence France-Presse

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