Leicester City is likely to lose points to a Premier League record: PPTVHD36

Leicester City, who have returned to the Premier League, risk facing a points deduction for breaching the Premier League (PSR) rules.

Having been quickly promoted to the Premier League after being relegated for just one season, most recently “telegraph” British media reported that Leicester City will have to start the 2024-2025 season with negative points. After running the risk of being penalized from 6 to 15 points for violating the rules of profit and sustainability. What happened during the last three seasons of the team playing “Siamese Foxes” in the English Premier League. Before being relegated to play in the tournament in the 2023-2024 season.

Leicester reveals operating results for the 2022-23 season, with losses approaching 90 million pounds.

Leicester City wins the league title for the eighth time.

Leicester City is suing the English Premier League for withdrawing the order that violates financial rules

With the club being in the championship last season. This sees the team facing both the Premier League and Premier League. This prevents any penalty for the season that has just ended.

After his promotion Premier League Leicester are in a position to deal with these accusations. Obviously, points were deducted. This is the same case as Nottingham Forest and Everton. Who had their points deducted in the season that just ended

If Leicester are punished with a 10-point deduction, it will be considered a new Premier League record. Previously, Portsmouth were down 9 points for operating at a loss. It was taken into accounting oversight in 2010

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