The national costume of Miss Grand International 2023 “Mother Thawiporn”, the most elegant Thai girl, has been collected.

70 national costumes for “Miss Grand International 2023”, Jamila maintains her uniqueness and culture, Thai beauty queen fans are delighted with “Mother Thawiporn”, who presents the beauty of the “Garuda Suban Suwankai” costume.

National costume for Miss Grand International 2023

We are the great and the only because this stage is full of popularity and power, ready to attract all the drama. I was shocked and ready to think again since the contest opened Miss Grand International 2023 She accepted Vietnam as the official host and became Talk Of The Town for beauty queen fans to interact with non-stop. Many pages have started organizing top 10 polls for fun and exciting competition. Favorites still fill my social media feeds. The MP is ready to go beyond it. But in which country will Miss Grand Prix be the “dark horse” that charges in and snatches the crown? You’ll have to wait and see the final round on the night of October 25, 2023, which will be broadcast live worldwide on YouTube Chanel: Grand TV at 7:00 PM (Thailand time).

National costume for Miss Grand International 2023National costume for Miss Grand International 2023
Another important match for the competition. Miss Grand International 2023 time National costume It provides an opportunity for designers from all over the world to show their design and tailoring potential, reflecting the uniqueness of their culture. The beauty of the cloth pattern is the evolution of the head and body machines that racers from all 70 countries have gone through.

By this year Mr. Hoang Nhat Nam (Khun Hoang Nhat Nam) and Mrs. Pham Kim Dong (Madame Pham Kim Young) from Sin Fang Entertainment (Zen Wang Entertainment), the copyright holder, is hosting the contest. Miss Grand International 2023 Equipping a large stage area in Phu Tho Indoor Stadium (Phu Tho Indoor Stadium) Ho Chi Minh City Let the beauties show off their national costumes that they carried across the seas to compete with all their might.

70 beautiful women show off their beauty in national costumes through the eyes of viewers watching inside the hall and beauty queen fans watching on Facebook: Miss Grand International The beauty and splendor of the outfit, coupled with the perfect display of the contestants, really caught everyone’s attention. Embrace patience and determination. Due to the weight of the costume, it takes a long time to put it on.

Om Thawiporn PringjamaratOm Thawiporn Pringjamarat
For Miss Thailand fans, everyone is excited. Om Thawiporn Pringjamarat Miss Grand Thailand 2023, besides carrying hope on Thailand’s sash, Ohm must present the beauty of the outfit. Garuda Suban Suankai or Golden Garuda By group Garuda Suban Suankai This means Garuda, the powerful god who has great power beyond anyone else. The chariot of Lord Narayana was enshrined in Chiang Rai around the base of the temple wall at Wat Phra Si Rattana Sadaram. In the heart of the capital of Thailand is the Naga Garuda sculpture made of bronze, covered with shiny copper and alternating with mirrors. Yudbasukri Trisian stands tall and graceful, his body is golden, he has magical hair, Bitsuban

Designed and Created Enter your wonderful imagination through the technique of spreading wings also the firm mind and power of faith, Garuda Suban, Suankai, the mythical deities, legends and beliefs that have been present in the lifestyle of Thai people for a long time. Designed and sewn by Art Akrat Niramitsin.

National costume for Miss Grand International 2023National costume for Miss Grand International 2023
After the stage competition ends, only 20 groups will advance to the next round. The judges selected the top 10 combinations. Beauty queen fans can vote for their favorite ten national costumes by liking and sharing on Facebook: Miss Grand International. Voting closes before results are announced on 22 October 2023 at 11:00 am.

For Miss Grand International 2023 Final Round It will take place on October 25, 2023 starting at 7:00 pm.

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