The more you sweat, the more calories you burn, is this true?

Many people may wonder if the more you sweat, the more you sweat. The more means the body burns calories better. From this question there is a message fromHealth variety magazine @Rama It indicates that you are exercising vigorously and sweating a lot. It stimulates muscle growth. It leads to improved basal metabolic rate when the basics are good. Simply moving your body can stimulate better fat burning.

When you exercise, you sweat. That's because the body must burn energy. Therefore, heat is generated in order to prevent the body temperature from rising. (Hyperthermia), which occurs frequently, is a condition of heatstroke, so the body must have a good cooling system. Therefore, sweat is created to cool and balance the body temperature. To help prevent system failure in the body, as for the weight lost after exercising, which is the amount of sweat that the body secretes.

Exercising and sweating a lot helps burn a lot of fat and only partially. Due to strenuous exercise and a lot of sweating, by gradually increasing the intensity level, the body will stimulate the use of energy from fat.

As for exercise and burning fat, when you start exercising at a level that is not very heavy, the body burns fat to use it as energy more efficiently. This is still a period when not much heat is accumulating in the body. Therefore, the body does not need to sweat. But the more intense the exercise, the body will not be able to continuously use energy from fat. This is because the body is unable to use energy from fat to keep up with the body's energy needs, and thus the body tends to use more energy from starch. The process of using energy from flour takes less time than from fat.

If you exercise continuously and with greater intensity, the body, which uses energy from starch, will begin to accumulate more and more heat until the body temperature rises to the point where the body produces more sweat. The most important thing is to exercise vigorously and sweat a lot, whether you use your energy from carbohydrates or fat. It also stimulates muscle growth. As a result, your daily metabolic rate (basal metabolic rate) increases. When your basal metabolic rate improves, just moving your body on a daily basis can stimulate fat burning as well.

For example, cardio exercises including brisk walking, running, cycling and swimming help burn fat. But it must be at a level that makes the heart beat at a certain rate to keep the blood pumping. The body uses fat. It strengthens muscles and also increases the rate of energy metabolism (metabolism), which cardio alone cannot stimulate as much as weight training.

In summary Sweating a lot indicates that you are burning too much fat. Which means you sweat a lot. Our bodies are good at dissipating heat. But this does not mean that fat is excreted through sweat. How much fat can be burned? It depends on the type of exercise.

Credit: Volume: Issue 50, October 2023

Column: Believe it or not

Author Name: Nawaporn Sanvasupon, Sports Scientist Ramathibodi Sports Center Ramathibodi Medical College Hospital Mahidol University

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