Teacher Baibon reveals the reason for the separation from Karatai Phanipa and tells the details of the division of marital assets.

He's another person that people care about. No matter what you do, it's always a problem and there's news to talk about. Master Paipun Saengdwin Ex-husband of Aye Mira And Vaniba rabbit

Recently, Master Paebun gave up his heart and opened up to talk about personal stories on the Nikki Activities YouTube show, in which in some episodes Master Paebun talked about the reasons for leaving Karatai. And talk about dividing wealthLet's hear it

The moment you had to divorce your child's mother?
I really thought we would never break up. It was my fault for being careless because he wouldn't actually separate from us. We broke up because there were so many things. In a way that can't go together. And personal reasons, things we don't try to understand each other and maybe I'm not a good person for him. You may not be satisfied with many things.

When we are about to break up there are a lot of problems. There are a lot of things. From the story of the dog in front of the house to the one above the house. It's okay, no one is wrong, no one is right, but I'm sad that I paid 4 months in advance and followed and followed and flirted and waited in December, January and February. March Then I started opening up and starting to talk, and within 3-4 months, I was doing nothing, eating and traveling.

Master Baibon then told us about dividing assets with his two ex-wives. “The car was sold and shared with my ex-girlfriend. We split everything in half, 50-50.

With the first person (Ai Mira), at that time I didn't have anything, so I took as much as I could, according to my ability, but with this person (Kratai Vanipa), we divided everything we created together 50- 50. If we had money or Gold, we let the lawyer be the witness and divide the coins accurately and there are 2 baht, then we divide each baht. This is correct.”

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