The moment DJ Phetja cried when she met a ramen seller who looked like her dead mother: PPTVHD36

“Petchja-Wichian Kusolmanomai” met a noodle seller in Japan. I look like my mother who passed away.

She intends to travel to Japan to find a noodle seller who resembles her deceased mother. “DJ Vitja – Wichian Kosolmanomai” After seeing a clip of eating at this restaurant it went viral. Until I found the coordinates, I bought a ticket and headed to the store.

Recently, DJ Phetja and his son Nong Taiga finally made their way to the ramen shop. She met the grandmother, the owner of the shop she intended to visit. This fang made him shed tears because he saw the real person, like his dead mother.

“Pechga” revealed a clip of the moment he arrived at the store. Ready to write a letter that and also mentioned that “I came to see you. The first time I saw you, I was in tears. I glanced at her through the doorway. It's hard to say. It's as if I'm meeting my mother again. Her facial expressions, “Her smile, the one I love the most. We will never meet again but I had the opportunity to experience something as good as this. Watch the full clip on YouTube.”

She posted a photo along with writing a message, “Ama in the Multiverse.” This event made all the fans who saw the photo teary-eyed as well. They also say in the same voice that they are very similar to Vitja's grandmother. It's like a mole in the middle of the forehead.

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