The line does not notify. People greeted me and didn't know it. See how to solve it here.

Line issue: No notifications, no sound, don't know when someone greets you or sends a message. What are the ways to fix it? See the basic solution here.

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One frustrating issue that many Line users often face is that the Line app doesn't alert them when someone sends a message. This matter is considered no less disturbing. Because if the message sent is important or urgent but we did not realize it because there was no warning. Today we are here to help suggest how to solve the problem.The line does not notify.What should be done? Friends can try to follow.

LINE does not notify how can I fix it?

1. Check your notification settings in the LINE app.

Open the LINE app on the home page. Tap the Settings button in the upper right corner. Then select the notification subject. (Notifications) and check to see if notifications are turned off or not. If it's off, adjust your settings to turn notifications on.

The line does not notify.

2. Check app notification settings. Line in machine system

Try entering the device's settings menu.Mobile phone Then go to the Apps section, scroll to find the LINE app, and when you find it, tap on it. Then check the notification section. (Notification) Whether it is set to off or not. If you turn it off, adjust the settings to turn on notifications, however, the menu commands for each mobile phone brand may differ slightly.

The line does not notify.

3. Check the battery power usage mode.

If battery saving mode is enabled notifications from various applications, including LINE, may be limited. You can check the settings menu of the device. Then go to the Battery topic, then check to see which battery mode you are using. If it's battery saver mode, choose to switch to normal mode instead.

The line does not notify.

4. Update applications and operating system

In some cases, the issue of LINE not notifying may be due to some bug in the app. Or the operating system if a new version update is released to fix the problem. An application update or new version of the system should be able to help resolve such issues.

5. Delete the app and reinstall it.

If you try to update the app and the problem remains the same. Or there is still no new version to update you may have to try deleting the app. Then download and install again. This is because some problems may be caused by some unusual files or settings. Installing the app and restarting it again may solve the problem. But you should remember your LINE password too because you need to log in again. And don't forget to make a backup of your chat messages if you don't want them to disappear.

However, if anyone is using the LINE app on a computer and has a problem with LINE not sending notifications. You can go to see the basic solutions at: The line on the computer does not alert me. Why?

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