The latest gold price today, 10 October 2023, increased by 50 baht. The price of gold is 32,550 baht per baht.

Latest Gold Price for Today 10 Oct 2023 AM/1st Time at 9:26 AM

October 10, 2023 The Gold Dealers Association reported that today’s Thailand gold prices saw a price increase of 50 baht for the first time at 9:26 a.m., resulting in “gold bar prices” being bought at 32,450 baht per baht and sold at 32,550 baht per baht, while “gold jewelry prices” were a Bought at 31,866.00 baht per baht. Sold at 33,050 baht per baht. Check today’s gold price below.

Today’s gold price is 1 Baht

The price of gold is 1 Baht The weight of gold is as follows: 1 paat of gold bar weighs 15.244 grams and 1 paat of gold jewelry weighs 15.16 grams.

  • The price of gold bars is bought at 32,450 baht per baht.
  • Gold bars are sold at 32,550 baht per baht.
  • Gold jewelery is priced at 31,866.32 baht per baht.
  • The selling price of gold jewelery is 33,050 baht per baht.

Today’s Gold Price: 2 Salung (50 Satang)

2 The price of gold or 50 satangs of gold, traded and sold by weight of gold as follows: 2 gold bars, weighing 7.622 grams, and 2 gold ornaments, weighing 7.58 grams.

  • 2 gold bars cost 16,225 baht
  • 2 gold bars sold for 16,275 baht.
  • Gold jewelry cost 2 salung, purchase 15,933.16 baht
  • 2 pieces of gold jewelery sold for 16,525 baht.

Today’s gold price is 1 salung

Price of 1 gold Acceptance of trade based on weight of gold is as follows: 1 gold bar, weight 3.811 grams, and 1 gold jewelry, weight 3.79 grams.

  • 1 salung of gold bullion is bought at 8,112.5 baht.
  • 1 salung of gold bars is sold at 8,137.5 baht.
  • 1 salung gold jewelery is bought at 7,966.58 baht.
  • 1 salung gold jewel sold for 8,262.5 baht.

Today’s gold price is half a salung.

The price of half a liu of goldD accepts buying and selling of gold by weight as follows: half salung gold bars weighing 1.905 grams and half salung gold jewelery weighing 1.89 grams.

  • The cost of half a salung gold bar, purchase is 4,056.25 baht
  • A half salung gold bar was sold for 4,068.75 baht.
  • The cost of gold jewelery for half a salung is 3,983.29 baht
  • The price of gold jewelery for half a salung was sold at 4,131.25 baht.

However, this price does not include gratuity. Also the prices are subject to change as per announcements by Gold Traders Association. Ask the gold shop staff again.

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