The Hipgnosis Song Fund takes over the Leonard Cohen catalog from the late artist

Cohen’s catalog follows Hipgnosis’s acquisition of work by other artists – including Neil Young and Blondie.

Leonard Cohen is the latest in an ever-growing list of catalog acquisitions by song investment firm Hipgnosis. The late rock poet’s estate sold his entire catalog of songs – somewhere along the lines of 270 songs – to the Songwriters Trust for an undisclosed amount.

sale included CohenHe had 127 songs in the “Stranger Music” catalog covering everything from the beginning of his career to 2000. This includes some of his most famous works including Hallelujah, First We Take Manhattan, and So Long, Marianne.”

Besides, the fund also acquired the publisher and songwriter’s share of Cohen’s “Old Ideas” catalog which includes everything he wrote from 2001 until his death in 2016.

“To now be the custodians and directors of Leonard Cohen’s incomparable songs is a wonderful but very serious responsibility that we take with enthusiasm and fully understand the importance of it,” Hypnosis Foundation, Merck Mercolades, said in a statement.

Leonard wrote life-changing lyrics and songs, and they’ve never been more meaningful than “Hallelujah” but there’s so much we look forward to reminding the world daily. He is respected all over the world for the enormity of his work.”

Hypnosis It was founded by former artist director Mercuriadis and Chic’s Nile Rodgers. The London-based company made headlines last year after making multiple multi-million acquisitions of classic catalogs such as Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey BuckinghamAnd the blond And the Neil Young.

During the shutdown, the company spent nearly a billion dollars on “credible strikes”, taking advantage of the outbreak Flow uptic.

“While we never wanted a pandemic to happen, it not only demonstrated the predictable, reliable and unconnected nature of proven song income, but also accelerated the change in consumer behavior to consuming music by streaming,” Mercuriadis said. Music week.

With an impressive selection of old successful businesses as well as recent ones – eg, Shakira“Hips do not lie” and BeyonceSingle Ladies – Hipgnosis relies on well-established pathways to generate a significant amount of their income. 60% of their total portfolio is songs released 10 years or more ago.

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