The Green Line speed restrictions have not been lifted, in the most extreme way possible

MBTA announce This morning, it was unable to lift the “global” speed limit on the Green Line this morning as it had hoped only yesterday:

While running the Green Line test train in areas where defects had previously been discovered, crews determined which speed signals needed to be transmitted to implement the blocking restrictions. As a result, global speed restrictions will remain in effect until this manual process is complete.

In an update update, the MBTA says:

The MBTA has set 30 speed limit signs that must be moved on the Green Line, and that work is in progress today. After this work is completed, the MBTA will restart test trains on the entire line. MBTA apologizes for the continued disruption of service to its passengers.

Yesterday, the MBTA’s interim general manager Jeff Gonville said that while the T will lift the “global” speed limit — that is, up to 10 miles per hour. At some locations – it will keep new speed restrictions in certain route “blocks” so that inspectors can go over those stretches and track workers can fix any problems they identify, so that even without the “global” restrictions, trips will take more time.

picturefrom the Library of Congress, people are shown atop the Alche glacier in Switzerland sometime between 1860 and 1890.

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