The first quarter of 2024 “Export of Thai workers” brought income of 58.627 million baht to the country.

On January 30, 2024 Mr. Piroj Chotikasathin, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour Disclosure of the operating results for the fiscal year 2024 for the first quarter from October to December 2023. “Export Thai workers” 21,281 people went to work abroad, classified as delivery companies/employers taking them to work/employers sending them for internship, highest number 10,024 people, 7,709 people reported returning to work (re-entry), 2,015 people sent by the government and also Report their travel.Myself 1533 people Generating income for the country from repatriated income of 58.627 million baht.

There are currently a total of 118,080 Thai workers working overseas around the world, categorized into 92,966 males and 25,114 females.

The top 10 countries that Thai workers travel to for work are:

Taiwan 51,960 people, followed by The Republic of Korea 20,150 people follow them Israel 14,593 people Japan 8,716 people Malaysia 4,901 people Republic of Singapore 3194 people Hong Kong 1,528 people Hungary 1,140 people United States of America 1,041 people andThe United Arab Emirates 1,002 people

The 10 jobs where Thai workers travel the most for work are:

1. Agricultural workers. 2. General industry workers 3. Metal product production 4. Worker or worker 5. General workers 6. Other construction workers 7. Metal product production workers 8. Electronic components production 9. Traditional massage 10. Agriculture

Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Labor has given important policies to the Ministry of Labor that To strengthen and expand the Thai labor market abroad, by up to 100,000 jobs during fiscal year 2024. The Ministry of Labor was assigned to prepare the planSend Thai workersI actually went to work abroad

byThai workersThe Ministry of Labor has labor ambassadors or labor offices in foreign countries to take care of them. Assisting Thai workers abroad pay special attention to the protection of workers so that they enjoy protection, justice and receive benefits in accordance with the laws of that country.

Opening 12 Thai business offices abroad

Ministry of Labor Currently there are 12 Thai labor offices abroad:

1. Labor Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)

2. Work management at the Royal Thai Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

3. Labor offices in Japan

4. Labor Office, Hong Kong

5. Labor Office, Manila (Part II), Taipei

6. Labor Office, Manila (Part II), Kaohsiung Branch

7. Labor offices in Malaysia

8. Singapore Labor Office

9. Brunei Labor Office Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Bandar Seri Begawan

10. Ministry of Labor at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel

11. Business Department of the Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul, Republic of Korea

12. Ministry of Labor Permanent Delegation of Thailand to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland

Information source: Ministry of Labour

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