ONE Championship: Superlek Kiatmu9 insists on fighting in the flyweight division.

Superlake Kiatmo 9“World kicker champion, beloved by the Thai people. He confirmed that he is ready to continue showing his skills in the flyweight division (125-135 lbs), but does not rule out the opportunity to move up to bantamweight (135-145 lbs) in the future.

Doing an impressive job in bringing happiness to Muay Thai fans across the country for “Superlake Kiatmo 9“Flyweight kickboxing world champion from Buriram who blasts with music. Chasing down the dangerous challenger.”Takeru Segawa“The star local boxer even won by unanimous vote successfully retaining the throne for a second time. He is poised to receive another bonus of US$50,000, or approximately 1.8 million baht in Thai money (at the current exchange rate) in the fight. One 165 Sunday evening, January 28th.

Super Lake vs. Takeru

Before this fight there are many boxing fans who cannot help but worry about the issue of weight gain.”Superlake Kiatmo 9“Having previously fallen off the scales in two straight fights. Especially the last time he met 'Rotang Jitmuangnon', the Muay Thai Flyweight World Champion at ONE Lumpini Fight 34, who was 5lbs too heavy, which unfortunately made him miss out.” The opportunity to compete for the throne.

While the fight against Takeru this time weighs heavily on his shoulders.Superlake Kiatmo 9“I decided to overhaul my entire weight loss process. By investing in hiring a nutritionist to help take care of the food. Even being able to control my weight and hydration levels to pass the standards of the flyweight division without having to get tired as I have often done in the past.


In the press conference after the end of the competition One 165 Superlake Kiatmo 9He answered questions from the media about his future goal of making weight to fight in the bantamweight division with Jonathan Haggerty, a top fighter from England. The era of Muay Thai and kickboxing or not, as revealed by the world kicker champion, the favorite of the Thai people.

“I still want to fight in the flyweight division. But if there is an opportunity I also want to try to release my weight to fight in the bantamweight division, because it is a new challenge that I want to try. I still want a lot of new challenges.”


Meanwhile, Big Boss 'Chatri Sityodthong' also discussed the issue in the post-competition press conference. We will announce this in the future.”Superlake Kiatmo 9“Will he fight in the flyweight division. Or bantamweight? It's a question that needs to be reconsidered again, but he certainly has a big project planned for him.”Superlake Kiatmo 9“Who is literally the best kickboxer when compared pound for pound in the world.

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