The first night in the detention center, the man who shot Paragon was anxious, spoke little, and had no appetite.

The Deputy Director General of the Probation Department said the 14-year-old boy spent his first night in the observation center and was speaking less, had no appetite and was anxious, and a psychiatrist had examined him. The child was diagnosed with psychotic symptoms. Serious risk, coordinate with “Kalaya Institute” to give feedback and complain to Juvenile Court. Request to be sent for admission outside the Probation Centre. The boy’s father sent his child to a charity home and said he was sorry for the incident.

The Federal Juvenile and Family Court agreed to release a 14-year-old boy accused of opening fire in the middle of a popular department store from the case yesterday (Oct. 4). In the heart of Bangkok, 2 people died and 5 were injured. Bangkok and a monitoring center should provide and examine the state of mind of the accused. Give an injunction if there is no insurance. The news has already been released

Progress on October 5, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. The Deputy Director General of the Department of Juvenile Monitoring and Protection Ms. Siriprakai Vorabreesa received the disclosure yesterday evening from the monitoring center officials that the case of a 14-year-old boy was accepted on the first day. It was learned that the boy’s father had also come to deliver him. Because he is worried about his son

Regarding the initial process of admission to an observation center, psychologists, psychiatrists, the first receptionist or the butler of Pan Meta jointly discuss and inquire at the beginning. including a preliminary psychiatric evaluation. And the boy will first be quarantined for COVID-19 for 5 days, during which time there will be an ongoing mental health evaluation. And Kanlayana Rajanagarindra will coordinate consultations with specialist doctors at the Institute. If the doctor feels that the child has a mental health problem that requires treatment or admission, a report with the doctor’s opinion is prepared and submitted to the Juvenile Court. The court heard that the boy would instead be sent for respite and treatment at the Kalaya Institute. Children are a normal principle in which psychotic symptoms? Referred for care by a specialist doctor. Perhaps because the doctor has an opinion on admission. or to have an opinion on giving medicine etc.

It is at the doctor’s discretion if there is an admission as to the healing period. However, if the boy undergoes a psychiatric evaluation and is found to be of no concern or concern, psychiatrists and psychologists will work together to determine the course of treatment. Or various programs require the boy to appear only after this while awaiting a court hearing. The boy can live in Ban Meta doing various activities with other friends. To dissolve behavior and develop character.

“Furthermore, during the detention of the boy in the mercy home, the Vigilance Department officials should visit the area to search for evidence. Especially issues related to children. Authorities should use the information gathered, including personal history, education, lifestyle, activities you like to do, relationships with friends and family, to prepare a report to present to the juvenile court. The court has to consider various procedures. Whether or not temporary release is granted or there is a probation order or to use other methods instead, all these are subject to the jurisdiction of the court. The monitoring department is solely responsible for evaluating the personal history information and preparing the report. Physical and mental health were presented in the Juvenile Court,” explained Mrs. Siriprakai.

Since Ms Siriprakai received further report, yesterday, after clearance and initial health assessment, the boy will not speak much. Maybe because I entered the testing center. There is still a level of unfamiliarity. And he is yet to be informed that the boy has expressed his desire not to stay here. Or demand to return home by any means and rarely eat but certainly have some concerns. This is normal. Because everyone knows they will break up. They may be self-interested. But still no unusual signs of crying or depression. In the process of gradual adjustment

When asked if the boy’s father confided in him, Ms Siriprakai said until she was informed by the authorities. It is learned that the boy’s father suffered a lot of stress due to this. Regarding mental illness or care, yesterday Probation officials understood the boy’s custody process with the boy’s father. And the reporting of the Vigilance Department is seeking information about the boy. And understand the children’s parents. What lifestyle activities will all visitors to the observation center have? Or is there a plan to develop behavior? Look at your own value to encourage treatment for children to develop themselves and not return to repeated offenses.

On the question whether the parents can request the child to be taken outside for treatment by the doctor. Mrs. Siriprakai said that the parents should file a complaint with the Juvenile Court. The court shall consider and pass an order stating whether the cause of the monitoring center is permissible or not. This will be a convenience for children involved in court proceedings.

But if the court grants permission on the request of the parents. Court documents will be reported to the Probation Center. So that the authorities continue to comply with the court order. And the parents have to go to the monitoring center and follow the instructions to sign the papers for the adoption of the child and which process after this report every thing to the juvenile court what happens to the boy. It is important for parents that any decision affects their children.

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