A young man shows off his toothpick in the middle of a popular program. But when I found someone who knew the answer, I almost vomited, in fact, it was for the sake of pricking and closing the hole “down there.”

A young man brings an heirloom “Mai Miswak” to estimate the price. Experts say it’s very expensive, but it’s not actually jabbing your teeth. I know where to use it, I’m embarrassed.

List of treasures and antiques appraisals are very popular in China and have become a motivation for people in today’s era to search for collectibles or inheritances left by your ancestors. It has been passed down from generation to generation, from generation to generation. Which may become of historical value. They may create money that can change their lives.

However, when items are found that are expected to be valuable but it is still not possible to determine whether it is real or fake. What is its value or worth? So many people have to contact a reliable list such as China Central Television’s “Treasury Evaluation” which has many famous experts answering questions. And evaluate the value of each item

On the show recently, a man came on stage with a “toothpick” left by his ancestors. This object is made of jade. It has a rather strange cylindrical shape. Because one end is pointed.

The man said that his father gave him this treasure and said that it was. However, he felt that it was too short to be chopsticks. So use it as a toothpick. But after using it a few times he felt that this wasn’t really a bad idea. Because it is very thick

After hearing the story, an archaeological assessment project expert picked up what the man called a “toothpick” and carefully examined it.
Up close when you look at it carefully and repeatedly. The expert asked: “When you use this to pick your teeth or brush your teeth, do you feel any special smell?” He immediately recognized the presence of a strange smell.

The show’s experts couldn’t hold back their smiles any longer. He explained that in ancient China there was a custom of funerals by closing the nine graves. When a prince or nobleman dies, the purpose of this act is so that the human soul cannot escape from the nine holes in the body, and the thing he has is something that is used to plug one of the nine holes, which is an anal plug.

After listening to experts’ assessments and conclusions. This made the man who owned the toothpick immediately show signs of shyness and nervousness. Meanwhile, the audience in the delivery room couldn’t help but burst into laughter at this conclusion.

However, at the end of the program, the expert also added that “I think using it in ancient times would be very strange. But the value of this is also very high. Please store it carefully. Because it will have the greatest value.”

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