The final round of MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024, a world-class music festival in Khao Yai.

Music lovers who love listening to different genres of music will definitely love this. “Mysterious Valley Festival 2024” A music festival that brings together artists from a wide range of musical genres in one festival. This year it was held at Mountain Creek Resort, Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Between February 2-4 through a showcase co-sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) FREEDOM WORLD is set to be one of Thailand's amazing events of 2024.

In addition to the diversity of music types “Mysterious Valley Festival 2024” It is also interesting that it is a music event that uses modern technology. Attendees must download the event's mobile app called Freedom World Application to purchase admission tickets. Book event partner hotels Top up your balance to use it to purchase points to spend on eating, drinking and traveling at the event. Transportation and purchase of Mystic Valley branded souvenirs, as well as networking with the community that makes music and runs more than 10 stages and 10 musical genres.

It can be said that “MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024” is a music event surrounded by natural atmosphere but driven by modern technology that will give you non-stop fun all day and all night.

As for the ticket prices, they are as follows: the price of the GA pass (Level 1) is 2599 baht, the price of the VIP pass (Early Bird) is 3999 baht or anyone interested in tickets in other regions. Tickets can be purchased directly from the FREEDOM WORLD app ( or on the website

Including variety, 10 stages in one event

Get ready to encounter a variety of music styles highlighting the talents of Thai and international artists, DJs and experience creators based in Thailand. Help raise the image of the capabilities of the Thai people that are no less than any country in the world.

Ranging from technical to hardstyle, with up to 10 stages you can try in a single event, as follows:

  • The “mustache” stage specializes in house and techno music.
  • The “Hard Style Thailand” stage focuses specifically on hard style music.
  • The “Trance Lovers Thailand” stage focuses on trance music.
  • The “EDM Addicts” stage was organized to delight fans of EDM music, especially rock and dance music.
  • Represnt's “Urban Music Bar Stage” features hip-hop and trap music.
  • “Epic Stage” features Deep House, Tech House and Techno music genres.
  • “Headbanger Theater”, home of the future of Dubstep and Bass
  • The Energy Stage focuses on previously unexplored music genres. Anyone who wants to know should come to the event.
  • The “Unahorn Theater” incorporates the Underground Techno music genre and holds its own festival once a year in October.
  • “Sanctuary Stage,” a stage that highlights health stories, makes the music easy to digest and accessible

Let's finish with “DJ Plus” Thailand's leading DJ school that brings together talented artists to join in creating colors for the event.

The final round of MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024, a world-class music festival in Khao Yai.

Within the event, you will be surrounded by the natural atmosphere of Khao Yai, including wildlife, plants and mountains, but at the same time, you will be surrounded by the sounds of electronic music that amazingly matches that nature. There will be more than 10 stages, organized with more than 180 artists in total.

The final round of MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024, a world-class music festival in Khao Yai.

Various activities besides music

In addition to listening to music, there are other activities at the event that combine fun and excitement. Open the communication experience with the world of technology and entertainment. Make you fully enjoy the three days. Both delicious food with plenty to choose from. Thai and International Food Both sweet and savory delights are prepared to perfection, such as grilled Wagrill steak, Bloc 28 Japanese takoyaki, Bite Bar Hot Dog Burger, Chiap Fried Noodles in Korat, and Korean-style egg sandwiches from Egg Station, Hey Go! Soft serve ice cream and more

There are also wellness activities including yoga, meditation and sound healing, which are considered “exclusive” to a music festival with this kind of theme in Thailand.

The final round of MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024, a world-class music festival in Khao Yai.

In addition to receiving support from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) it also has very convenient accommodation partner such as InterContinental Khao Yai Resort, Atta Lakeside Resort Suite, Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa Resort, The Pino Hotel Pak Chong and mvcaravan as well.

The specialness of this music festival does not end there, because “FREEDOM WORLD Powered by BITAZZA” has joined forces with “MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024” to create a new chapter in the history of the Thai music industry once again. With the latest innovations such as “Mist Point”

This point will serve as a way to exchange common items such as food. From drinks and souvenirs to exclusive exchanges like NFT cards, it opens new doors for you to explore a new, bigger and more fun online world without having to worry about security issues. Since this point is powered by the “” blockchain, you can definitely rest assured that everyone at the event will be able to carry out various transactions safely. Through an intermediary such as an app called “FREEDOM WORLD” or “Freedom in your World”

“World of freedom” It is a new type of platform in Thailand. It is specifically built on blockchain. It has different functions whether it is about connecting businesses with customers through easy transactions, convenience of the app as well as special reward redemption service from the app. More than that this platform also resembles a digital world. This app connects music lovers with technology. To enhance your experience at “MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024” only here.

Therefore, “MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024” is not just an ordinary music festival. But it's also a new world of music emerging in Thailand. Which combines nature, music and modernity perfectly. So it will definitely become another unforgettable landmark again!!

For more information about performers, ticket fees, accommodation and travel. Please follow through the website. And various social media for “MYSTIC VALLEY FESTIVAL 2024”

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