The Election Commission certified the results of selecting 200 official senators and selecting one person, relying on 3 agencies to investigate Hua's movement.

It's official! 'Sawang' announces the results of the Election Commission's decision to certify the results of the 2024 senatorial election, as Aung Thong was found to be an advisor to the provincial executive chairman, electing a man named 'Kodia Tsongam' to raise the reserve account. There are 200 real people to open the parliament. 99 reserve members remain who rely on the Police-DAI-AMLO to investigate Hua movement.

On 10 July 2024, the Election Commission Office (Election Commission) MrSawang Panmee The General Secretary of the Election Commission announced the results of the meeting. The Election Commission has decided to certify the results.Elect a Senator According to Section 42 of the 2024 Senators Acquisition Act, if the Election Commission deems the election to be fair or legal, appropriate, and fair, it is a non-harmful act, fairness means compliance with the law and these 3 conditions will allow the Election Commission to declare the results of the election. Matters to be considered in terms of conditions: There has been an irregularity. The law on acquisition of senators, the Office of the Electoral Commission is the executive agency of the Electoral Commission, and therefore, has compiled a group of offenses for which evidence may be considered as a condition for declaring results. Senate It is divided into the first group: Qualifications and Prohibited Characteristics. The group refers to applying for one of two: The selection process is the selection process from the district, provincial and national levels: dishonesty and fairness. When society uses the word “establishment”, “block voting” or “hook”, these are the 3 groups of crimes committed by the office. The Election Commission has organized committees.

Mr. Savang, in the case of candidates elected to the Senate, the basic information to be considered in this regard are the qualifications and prohibited characteristics 48,117 applicants 5 days open district level directors were interested to apply 1,917 were not recruited i.e. the preliminary examination was held and the director had already applied and he had 526 names before being selected for the district level. removed, and then the provincial director removed 87 more at the provincial level who were eligible for selection at the national level. The National Director removed five others who said the Election Commission did not verify eligibility and prohibited characteristics. So, it may not match the facts. In the end, we screened out nearly 3,000 ineligibles.

Mr. Election Commission has decided to issue orange certificate. Sawang said. Qualifications under Article 20, paragraph three, paragraph four, i.e. 89 applications to be temporarily suspended, only in respect of qualifications under Article 20, paragraph three, paragraph four, including referral to the Supreme Court for consideration of cancellation of the right. To apply for election, and another person is considered as per Section 60, because after the process selected these people have the right to vote and it is given. Make the selection fair and impartial. As far as district-level voters whose names have been deleted, 526 will not be ordered to issue orange certificates. Because it is not yet entered into the system but everyone whose name is cleared will be considered and you already know that you are ineligible and apply to be selected? It is a criminal case and every part is different.

The general secretary of the Election Commission said that 65% of the complaints were among those reported earlier. It is a case of appearance that we have also included complaints, divided into applicants filing their own complaints. Our disclosure and removal of names, more than 600 complaints are reported to us first. Today there are a total of 800 complaints, with more than 200 pending, from the district and provincial levels to the national level.

Mr. Sawang said. I would like to provide information about applying to a community critique group. How do people like this get into that group? This is a matter for the district office, they should rehearse the law from the beginning. Society may not understand it properly. Because when we talk about professional groups but according to the Constitution and the Senate Selection Act, there are no professional groups. It is a group of 20 regions. All categories of people can apply in each group of pages. It is not just a profession like knowledge in that field. Expertise in that field Career in that field Experience in that field Have common characteristics or advantages or are only a category of people who work or have worked together in different fields. The law allows Thai citizens to run in elections. Senators can be broadly included in any committee. 1 certificate has already been scrutinized by the Election Commission.

The General Secretary of the Election Commission further stated that the committee was wrong regarding the activities on the day of the election i.e. district, provincial and national level. We have 3 exposures that we have already considered. Petitions in 18 cases went to the Supreme Court under Section 44 of the Senators Election Act.

Regarding the complaints about fair and unfair selection, Mr. Sawang said. The Election Commission has collected sufficient evidence. Collected properties are a process. The Election Commission has asked the Royal Thai Police (Police), 10 personnel, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), 10 personnel, and the Office of the Anti-Money Laundering Commission to cooperate. (AMLO) 3 people, all at command level we have been coordinating for a week. It's a collaboration in the office. The Election Commission has asked the tools to be scientifically based to find out who is behind the curtain, how to get there and use it as information to consider if there is any act that makes the election unfair.

“When this stage is reached, let's look at it and ask if the choice is correct or not. We will review the selection process on June 9, 16, and 26. All cases are over. As many as 18 cases have already been disposed of by the applicants before the Supreme Court. That means there are no pending cases in the Supreme Court. It is considered a legitimate election,” said the General Secretary of the Election Commission.

The General Secretary of the Election Commission also said that the Election Commission has already received a document for this when there is a request from the Office of the Legal Practitioner regarding dishonesty. At this point, the EC is at this level that there is not enough evidence to say that he committed the crime. Therefore, the election cannot yet be said to be unfair and fair. As the evidence is presented to the Supreme Court, the law states that there must be reasonable grounds to believe that the Election Commission is dishonest. Achieving a decision requires compliance with the law to achieve fairness, whether the complainant or the respondent. While conducting the inquiry or trial terms, the person should be given an opportunity to prove the allegations and facts and should have an opportunity to respond to the allegations. Give justice to both sides This is the justice that all parties get from the Election Commission.

“Consequently, as of today, the Electoral Commission is of the opinion that the Senator 2024 election was conducted in a fair, honest and fair manner. Therefore, each committee had a resolution to announce the results of the selection of senators, all 20 committees, senators numbered 1-10 of each committee, and senators numbered 11-15 of each committee. This is a backup account. Except for group 18 where the election commission temporarily suspended the rights of senators-elect who were in the 1-10th row, they should be promoted to the 11th position as per the 3rd Election Commission regulations up to the 10th position,” Mr. Sawang said.

Mr. Sawang also briefly said that the Election Commission decided to approve the declaration of 200 voters. As for the reserve, there are 99 because 4 of the panel of 18 are reserved, all 200 who received the notification must report the certificate of election as a senator to the Senate Secretariat within 2 days. Date 11-12 July 2024 Time 08.30-16.30 hrs.

News reports said that Ms Kathia Songam, who was elected as the 4th Aung Thong Senator of Group 18, Public Relations Committee, whose rights have been temporarily suspended or given an “orange card” by the Election Commission. Promoting Voice in Rural Areas by Mentioning Work History Public Relations Officer of Chao District However, since the investigation, Ms Kathia Aung Thong was an adviser to the head of the provincial administration, so her rights were temporarily suspended.

The reason for the postponement of Lt. Col. Kornpat Rungiranwat was that Senator No. who was in the reserve list. The person chosen as 11, Colonel Kornbot, was the former head of the 5th class of the Security Network Relations Development Course, so he was the actual list no. Raised to 10. Instead the status of Internal Security Operations Command (CPC).

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