Beginners should know the introduction of vocabulary in the game VALORANT.

We present to you the vocabulary that you should know in Valorant and that people prefer to use the most. Beginners should not miss it. Because communication in shooting games is important. Let's see what words are there!

Beginners should know the introduction of vocabulary in the game VALORANT.

Communication in FPS games is important, and Valorant is one of those games that requires it. Sometimes we may come across words that we can’t find the meaning of because they are the vocabulary of this game, so we must learn these words before going to the rankings. Let’s see what the words are there!

NT = Communication will be done in a nice way, if you try well, let's try again.

white phosphorus = Played well.

N.S = A beautiful shot comes from you killing enemies beautifully. Or the media thinks you shoot very well.

GG = “Good game” is often printed after the end of a game to indicate that it was a very good game.

GLHF = Good luck have fun Usually used at the beginning. Good luck have fun with the game.

Main = Main entrance to the bomb site for each site

short = The name of the road to get to Boomsite is the same, but it's shorter and comes faster.

Mid = The area located in the center of the map

spawn = The point where we spawned at the start of the game.

attached = L-shaped walkway with sharp elbows

Save/Environmentally Friendly = Save money on that round.

Full He buys = Buy large cannons and armored vehicles

buy half = Buy only the necessary weapons or skills and most importantly, there should be enough to buy for the next round.

buy power = It is buying the best weapon we can afford to fight with the opponent.

Hunting = Use friends as bait to lure opponents. Or use us as bait to lure opponents to friends.

persist = The players on the attacking side split up to play alone.

the ward = sneak behind the enemy's back.

plants = It is to place a bomb in a bomb site. It is used on the offensive side where we can carry bombs.

defuse = He defusing a bomb at a bomb site is used on the other side.

ninja defuse = He infiltrated and defused a bomb at a bomb site.

Play for choice = Usually used on the offensive side. That is, split up and play to find the killers before getting to the bomb site.

whiff = missed shot / missed shot

Top Faraj = The player with the most kills

Boot Faraj = The player with the fewest kills

These words are just the basics, there are many words that we didn't catch. We hope that sharing these words will be helpful in some way to new players who are starting to play VALORANT.

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