“THE CRYSTAL PLAYLAND”, an attraction of fun targeting families in the Ratchaphryok area.

Crystal SB Ratchaphruek is organizing fun with “THE CRYSTAL PLAYLAND”, the landmark of happiness, targeting families in the Ratchaphruek area under the slogan “Good Life…at The Crystal”.

Shopping centers of the Alli chain or ally “Carrying a fun procession to serve every family to enjoy the milestone of happiness.”Crystal PlaygroundHappiness radiates from the “Crystal Origin” that turns every moment into a magical adventure, wonderful in the activity area in front of Crystal SB Ratchaphruek Shopping Centre.

Kawin iamsakulrat The managing director of Alli REIT Management Company Limited said that Alli Group's shopping malls invested more than 25 million baht to set up PLAYLAND. From fun, targeting family groups in Ratchapruk area to have areas for activities and create beautiful moments together, it is a central point that every family cannot miss under the slogan “Happy Life…in Crystal” next to the shopping mall. Krystal S.B. Ratchaproek There is a highlight of the educational area, which covers all areas of activity. Focusing on creativity and developing educational skills at all levels, diverse educational programs, modern environment, and cooperation with many leading educational institutions

Krystal S.B. Ratchaproek They have also brought players from foreign countries here as well. Including the United States, Spain and Finland, it is also the first ride in Thailand to receive the Outstanding Design Award from the Athens Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago. For an unforgettable educational experience.”

for “Krystal S.B. Ratchaproek“Full fun with large-scale adventures. Be surprised and unleash endless power. The adventure is divided into 5 rules as follows.

  1. Vinci Yellow Lava Mountain or falling lava mountain Players imported from Finland which will allow little ones to imagine simulating adventurous events on the mountain road. Whether it is climbing, plowing or sliding, enjoy unlimited fun.
  2. Play World Magma Heat Wave Tunnel or Magma Tunnel Imported players from the United States. That will get kids excited about the adventures and challenges of little climbers. In the form of a mesh tunnel, step lightly and enjoy the happiness of every moment. Simulate walking and stomping carefully. When passing through the rocks and lava below a lava rope barrier has been added in the center. Before falling into a safe zone on the other side, dark gray and bright orange dominate the color scheme. Surrounded by a stainless steel mesh it complements the volcanic color used on the floor below.
  3. Top of the Crystal Tower from Play World or Crystal Tower Dubbed “P'Quito,” he is a playful giant that will invite kids into the ultimate exciting world of oil. Each floor was successfully penetrated at a height of 4.74 meters with a unique design. This playground will bring endless fun and adventure to children, and is also the first of its kind in Thailand. He received the Outstanding Design Award from the Athens Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago. Imported from USA
  4. Gallopin Dirt Volcanic Cabin or Dirt Volcanic Cabin Players imported from Spain that will invite little ones to conquer exciting adventures and challenges Travel to the top of the 2.2 meter high volcano by climbing on the scramble rope net. Zigzag slides are a quick way to do this and it's exciting to get back to ground level.
  5. Wonderland Nebula or Stargazing Island Climb, slide, look at the clouds, look at the stars in the sky. With a fun adventure, rising to the stars and sliding for fun. Create a magical experience under the night sky.

Get ready and bring your family to create beautiful memories in “Crystal Playground A fun attraction for all families because this is a land of limitless imagination. A unique experience that will delight the whole family. Open for free every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm in the activity area located in front of the Crystal SB Ratchaphruek shopping centre.

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