Teh Uthen acknowledges the tragedy of owning a small house, which makes people look at it in the wrong way. It's good that my wife understands Daradelly

Cool OthienShe receives the drama of having only a few homes, which makes people look at her in the wrong way. It's good that my wife understands.

He is considered another singer with a beautiful voice that fans across the country love for a famous singer. Cool Othien Fromin Who has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time along with the all-round abilities that fans admire but then go back to 3 years ago, when suddenly there was rumors of an affair between a gorgeous young man and a small house, causing his wife grief. It made people scold and desperately want to know the truth. Until today, the drama ended with the famous page coming out to apologize to the wonderful man. But the story also made the wonderful man admit that he had gained some insight.

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Cool Othien

Cool Othien

Recently, a wonderful young man came to visit a popular show on YouTube. Daily News Live-TH Like the list Daily live broadcast from POP He narrated an incident that caused people to misunderstand. And love and family ties after overcoming the drama to fully listen to it

Let me go back to that time when my wife asked me. Was it Ptah who saw the news first, or was it his wife who saw it first? So what did he say? ?

Well, now there is a great connection. He said that was great, maybe a reporter would call. In this matter I told you what the matter is. Just one moment, come on. At that time, I had just published the story. In Ubon Ratchathani Province, we sat and thought about it, and thought in our hearts. Once we stopped to honor Buddha, I asked him to say, Please be mindful and take it easy. If we haven't really done anything wrong, don't stress.

As soon as I finished worshiping Buddha, I went to practice. It was time to go to the concert and as soon as I got off the stage my wife texted me saying I had found the source. The next day, I got off the plane at 3pm and arrived at 4pm. Huai Khwang Police Station She went to take a photo in front of the police station and said that there must be someone in charge of this matter. Come, report the famous page and communicate with them. He said I didn't think it mattered, so I went down and saw that he had sent it to me. I didn't know you were so gorgeous and couldn't touch me. I said I couldn't touch her. But if it's not your fault, you shouldn't do it.

If I show my face to the media, my life will be over. I replied to him that when I published your story, why did I not think that I would lose my future? If you met a person who thought a lot and committed suicide, what would you do? If you do this and ruin your mother and family's name, who will take care of it? He just sat and cried. I called him to come to my house. The first thing I asked was: “You know what? I'm serious. I've been in prison for two years.”

He just sat and cried.

Cool Othien

Cool Othien

Is this a big issue for your family's feelings? ?

Yes, it's a very big deal.

At that time my wife asked there was no story. Just a question and that's the end of it, right??

Yes, take it easy, dear journalists. There was complete silence, meaning no one called me at all.

Because maybe he thought in his heart that this house was burning (laughs), but in reality there was nothing.

When the story first broke, how much did it impact your reputation? ?

In fact, it only works for a day or two and it does not affect me, but the poor are the ones who are affected, and they are singers of sweet songs. They will all be affected.

P'Tae himself faced a situation where his reputation suffered. What do you think got me through this? ?

Righteousness and thanks to the parents My gratitude to the fans is that I once paid for cataract surgery for a monk who was about to go blind. Then I went to see my parents in Chiang Mai province, so I asked my parents to take me for an examination.

“If I have an operation, you have to do it. How much money will you spend? Just tell me and I will transfer it to you. Finally, a day came when I faced serious problems. I will suffer for a long time and soon I will see the light. That is why I used the word that I have received the favor of giving light to the monks.

On the issue of love, after the misunderstanding has been resolved, people also want to know more about P'Teh's love story. Are they accustomed to the answer or not? ?

She teases the singer with a soft voice. Nowadays, wherever I go, I come into contact with a singer with a soft voice, a funny angle (laughs).

Cool Othien

Cool Othien

Your relationship with your family from then until now has not been a problem, right? ?

No, no problem at all.

For example, how do you and your spouse take care of each other? ?

always and forever. I'm not nice. My husband and I have been together for a long time, since 2006 when they got married (smiles).

Like my cool son. How do you plan its different curricula? ?

I feel tingly. You allowed him to be what he wanted to be. Because we are, I will not stress that your child has to be good at studies or anything like that, it is up to him, if he is good at studies, it means he got it from his mother. If he doesn't study well, you can get it from me (laughs).

The future of both of them is set to enter the music industry. Or a star like Pthay? ?

Take what he likes. As if he wants to exercise. Is it good to play golf? Yesterday my youngest son took me for a walk in Esplanade Ratchada Shopping Centre. Daddy takes me to the guitar store. I want a little guitar. There were small guitars, and the shop owner bought a trailer for more than 10,000 baht each. I said, “Prime, not this.” Take the small toys and practice playing first, if you are good at playing, Papa has already brought them for you. Because I already have one of my own acoustic guitars. A classical guitar and an electric guitar that my older brother brought to pawn. Today I have money. But I didn't get it back, he didn't come to get it. He said he wanted me to keep it and use it, as it was a limited edition.

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