The 'Committee on Scrutiny and Selection of Senators' accepts that if the Election Commission announces the approval of the new senators, their duties will cease immediately.

A committee that examines and selects senators. Accept if the Election Commission approves the new senator today. Trusting that the new senator would not test him, his duties were immediately terminated to meet deadlines and be honest.

9 July 2024 – At 12.30 in Parliament, Mr. Surachai Liangpoonlerchai is the Chairman of the Special Committee (Committee) to Consider, Examine and Investigate the Selection of Senators. A statement issued after the meeting said it was the first meeting. Various posts are appointed. And the duration of work they will work within the given limit. The selection process needs to be checked Does the senator have any facts that would make the selection unfair? Is it fair or not? As for other issues, apart from this, it may be the task of other agencies or other relevant organizations to extract lessons on additional issues such as the legality of various regulations. The Election Commission (EC) has issued notification that the entire application process admission process certificate of personal qualifications, etc. However, due to time constraints the team will try to do its job to get as much information as possible.

When asked where the committee got the information from. Or that the meeting requested from the officers and applicants has already been provisionally set up by Mr. Because someone complained and sent information to the two Senate regular committees are the independent organization committee. And the Human Rights Committee will seek cooperation from both groups. Individuals who have personally followed group members in this group, including information from, are requested to send information to the group secretary. Initially, we started reading all the facts on 11th July and then we will consider again that all the facts we have received are still not clear. Request additional information from relevant independent agencies or organizations?

Another question: If the Election Commission approves the new senators today (July 9), Mr. Surachai said, our work is done. Don't worry about anything. Let's work as long as we can. At the same time, we try to complete tasks quickly. We want answers as quickly as possible to show that. Because I want to see the Election Commission certify the new senators. Everything is fair and reasonable under a clearly answerable answer.

I asked further if I should send the tree would the new senators do this thing? Mr. said that the new senators would not examine themselves.

Answering questions related to the committee's investigation of issues. How much time is there to focus on Mr. Legal issues? But if facts can be ascertained quickly with time limits he should discuss in the meeting. Let us divide the report into two parts: the first part is a factual report on whether there are any indicators showing that this election of senators is unfair and fair or not. And legal issues if the other part of the job is timed I will continue to study it and what are some of the issues and obstacles that lead to progress?

Asked again whether the committee's decisions would guide the community, Mr. Surachai said the information should be based on substantiated facts and not facts spewed out by the group from anywhere. Facts also need to be filtered. At the committee meeting on July 11, the facts will be decided. By seeing how reliable the source is and how much can be heard. It works as directly as possible.

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