Canon launches new large format printers in the PlotWAVE and colorWAVE series.

The new T-series printers deliver advanced performance and printing solutions that enable faster workloads. Ready for service upgrades to enhance security, stability and ease of use.

Canon launches new wide-format printers in the PlotWAVE and colorWAVE series for professional document printing. Featuring CrystalPoint and Radiant Fusing technology, these printers combine the latest innovations and design to create a stable and easy-to-use printing system. Capable of printing high-quality work including drafts, posters and promotional materials. The new T-series printers also feature PRISMA Tech Suite, a new suite of workflow solutions. Equipped with IT security features for advanced security and environmentally friendly design.

The PlotWAVE and colorWAVE T-series are designed to meet the needs of architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing firms, as well as government agencies and commercial printing service providers who need to print high volumes of specialized documents. More than 62,000 new printers are installed worldwide. Deliver accurate, high-quality prints ready for convenient use

The PlotWAVE T series monochrome printer replaces the previous PlotWAVE series. There are 5 models to choose from: T30/35, T50/55 and T75. It can print A1-sized jobs up to 10 pages per minute and has a maximum paper capacity of 1200 meters on 6 rolls. The colorWAVE T65 can print 4 A1-sized color pages per minute at a maximum width of 1200 meters on 6 rolls. It also increases the paper capacity to 1200 meters on 6 rolls1, thus supporting a wider range of printing media. In addition to being a multifunctional printer, users can also choose to install a built-in scanner. Including a complete paper sorting or folding system.

Advanced, easy-to-use printing system

Canon develops the POWERsync+ controller and enhances the PlotWAVE and colorWAVE T-series printers with advanced hardware Increased memory for fast job processing Equipped with the latest Microsoft Windows security features to ensure system security. Print jobs can be sent from anywhere via any device, and with the new Remote Start function, the printer is ready to use almost instantly. A new indicator light on the top of the device tells you the printer's status. A sensor in the media tray automatically calculates and tells you how much media is left on the roll.

Increase productivity with PRISMA Tech Suite solutions

PRISMA Tech Suite is an easy-to-use workflow solution suite for PlotWAVE and colorWAVE T-series printers. Help users print faster with a powerful print management system. Printing solutions in PRISMA Tech Suite include:

  • PRISMAproduce Tech allows users to create, manage and send batches of documents from a web browser to multiple printers at once. It provides stable printing, consistent quality and unique templates for each print job. And easy IT maintenance

  • PRISMAlytics Accounting is a secure cloud-based data capture tool to monitor printer costs and usage.

  • PRISMAlytics Dashboard is a secure, cloud-based tool that provides clear visibility to monitor and maximize print production.

  • Prisma Service A centralized platform that brings service tools together in one place enables Canon to provide faster, more efficient customer support.

Increase protection with advanced security features.
Canon has developed SMARTshield technology to secure printing in the new PlotWAVE and colorWAVE T-series printers, which includes automatic updates to Microsoft security patches. Users can also set a PIN or password on the user screen in ClearConnect software to prevent unauthorized access to printing.

Environmentally friendly printing system

The PlotWAVE T-series with Radiant Fusing Technology and the colorWAVE T65 with CrystalPoint Technology are ENERGY STAR certified, and both models feature an energy saving mode that reduces their environmental impact. The printer is made from materials that are mostly recyclable or recycled. The T-series printers also support Canon’s smart drivers. There’s also the PRISMA Tech Suite workflow solution, which reduces waste of print jobs, toner and ink, while also helping to save electricity.

In addition to ensuring users' confidence in the quality and durability of PlotWAVE and colorWAVE T-series printers, users are also reassured by raising the level of service to users through replacement of consumables and spare parts. Maintenance and security software updates throughout the life of the printer2

Release date and time

The latest PlotWAVE and colorWAVE T-series printers are now available at Canon dealers nationwide.

1 Depends on printer specifications.
2 Based on the average lifespan of T-series printers, which Canon Production Printing specifies as 7 years.

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