The black ant gives the answer! Name slips from the mouth Celebrity couples break up in the middle of the show Is this really a couple?

Moddam Kachapa Reveals Name Celebrity couples break up mid-show after rumors spread that they broke up over the same issues.

Photo from Instagram polyplus_jad_hai

After the famous page, Jay Moi 108 came out to talk about the hot issue. Celebrity couples are showing signs of breaking up due to old unresolved issues. There is the matter of partying and loving friends, making many people making different guesses about which celebrity couple they will be.

By mentioning that “Have they broken up yet? I don't know!! Stop asking me the same old unresolved problems.”

Don't use the word “just that” to describe other people's feelings.

Don't think so.. it's just a small issue because if it was really small it wouldn't be a problem. Waiting for time to heal and waiting for one person to decide.. should I continue or is this enough?

But I didn't see any sad people still backing out of the party.

It is normal for lovers to have problems. But people will be willing to adapt. When you love someone enough we will adapt to move forward. It is not a battle for separation.

But if the other person doesn't make any adjustments, it's up to us.. can we tolerate it or not.. that's all. Note: Who wrote this? P' Soi, P' Sot Oh!

Latest (May 29, 2024) Black ant cachaba A famous broadcaster came out and spoke about this matter in the middle of the Khao Khao Khai program, saying: “There are thousands of celebrities. “Nowadays there are thousands or tens of thousands of stars.” As for Angie, the program crew asked her: “What are you doing?” “But when my mother read the first sentence, my mother knew, right?”

At this time, Mod Dam's name was leaked, causing the entire program to be astonished, saying: “Trick? I've only seen celebrity news. They'll quit, they won't quit. There were Ploy, Chermarn, and Tong. I saw that there were comments. Why are you secretly secreting them?” Just look for it.” I saw my mother going to Khun Win Win's birthday. Or is the man angry? Where my mother went drinking and drinking with friends, you see, now she doesn't have to worry. This comment is the answer.”

But will it be as expected, as many people guessed? We'll have to keep an eye on that.

Celebrity couples break up

Photo from Instagram polyplus_jad_hai

Tong trick

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