The best restaurants in Asia – mostly in Japan, Singapore and Thailand

Japan is the top destination in Asia for culinary artists this year. according to new ratings Released by top 50 organizations.

The country is home to 17 of the region’s 100 “best” restaurants, which were released in two parts in March.

Singapore and Thailand tied for second place, with 15 restaurants on the list each. Hong Kong – last year’s top destination – saw 13 establishments on the list.

William Drew, chief content officer of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, said Japan’s strong performance was “no surprise.”

“Japan has long been considered one of the world’s greatest gastronomic countries with a culinary heritage that is admired all over the world – along with innovation, dedication, knowledge and talent,” he told CNBC.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the “50 Best Restaurants in Asia” list. This year’s ranking includes restaurants from 19 cities, with 7 new establishments on the list.

Singapore and Thailand hold the most entries in the top 50 list with nine restaurants each. Thailand took home the nation’s highest accolade as Le Do in Bangkok was named ‘Best Restaurant in Asia 2023’ – moving up three places.

Le Du’s menus champion the use of seasonal and local ingredients – reinforcing its firm belief in the superiority of Thai produce.

The 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2023

This year’s standings saw some changes: Japan’s Den, which finished first in 2022, dropped three times to fourth, while Soren in Bangkok dropped from second to ninth.

Japanese Seizan moved up 15 places to emerge in second place, and was named “Best Restaurant in Japan” for the first time.

The Hong Kong chairman, who was ranked No. 1 in 2021, lost more ground as he slipped from No. 5 to No. 13.

The ‘Highest Entry’ award also went to Avartana from India, who debuted on the list at No. 30.

Best Restaurant in Asia Le Du Thai Restaurant is a one-star Michelin restaurant that entered the list for the first time in 2017 at number 37.

Opened in 2013 by chef and owner Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn, it brings Thai food with a modern twist through a French-themed lens.

Its main menus are the use of seasonal and local ingredients – reinforcing its firm belief in the superiority of Thai produce.

When I opened the restaurant [people] He said, I would never do that because I only use local products.

Thetide Tasanacagon

Chef/Owner of Le Du Thai Restaurant

Capturing the coveted spot seemed “unrealistic,” Tasanakagon, speaking to CNBC after the awards ceremony on Tuesday night, said.

“I didn’t expect it at all… 10 years ago, when I opened the restaurant, [people] He said, I would never do that because I only use local products and you have to use imported ingredients.”

“I am very happy to represent Thailand and bring Thai ingredients to the forefront of Asia.”

The list of “50 Best Restaurants in Asia” for 2023 is:

1 – Lo Do (Bangkok, Thailand)

2 – Seizan (Tokyo, Japan)

3 – Nasara (Bangkok, Thailand)

4 – Dean (Tokyo, Japan)

5 – Gagan Anand (Bangkok, Thailand)

6. Odette (Singapore)

7- Fluorilig (Tokyo, Japan)

8- LASEM (Osaka, Japan)

9 – Sorn (Bangkok, Thailand)

10 – Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)

11. Labyrinth (Singapore) – Highest Climber Award (from No. 40 in 2022)

12 – Sazenka (Tokyo, Japan)

13 – The President (Hong Kong)

14. Villa Aida (Wakayama, Japan)

15 – Musu (Seoul, Korea)

16. Masque (Mumbai, India)

17. Metta (Singapore)

18- Fu He Hui (Shanghai, China)

19. Hindi Accent (New Delhi, India)

20 – Audi (Tokyo, Japan)

21 – Zain (Singapore)

22- Suhring (Bangkok, Thailand)

23- Onjium (Seoul, South Korea)

24 – Burnt Ends (Singapore)

25 – Euphoria (Singapore)

A dish from Japan’s Sezanne, which moved up an impressive 15 places to take second place.

The 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2023

26- Cloudstreet (Singapore)

27 – Les Amis (Singapore)

28- Mingles (Seoul, South Korea)

29- Neighborhood (Hong Kong)

30. Avartana (Chennai, India) – Highest New Entry Award

31. Ensue (Shenzhen, China)

32- Sensei (Kyoto, Japan)

33 – Mrs. Maria and Mr. Singh (Bangkok, Thailand)

34- Da Vittorio (Shanghai, China)

35- Botong (Bangkok, Thailand)

36- Born in (Singapore).

37. Wing (Hong Kong)

38 – Ran Jay Fai (Bangkok, Thailand)

39. Wing Lei Palace (Macau)

40- Anan Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

41- Mono (Hong Kong)

42- Toyo Eatery (Manila, Philippines)

43 – Sichuan Moon (Macau)

44- L’Effervescence (Tokyo, Japan)

45- Mumei (Taipei, Taiwan)

46- Ban Tepa (Bangkok, Thailand)

47. Born & Bred (Seoul, Korea)

48- Mitiz (Makati, Philippines)

49- Caprice (Hong Kong)

50- See (Beijing, China)

This is the third year that the expanded list has been released. There are 17 new restaurants in 17 cities – including L’evo at No. 60, the first-ever restaurant from Toyama, Japan to make the list.

Ten restaurants that ranked among the top 50 restaurants in Asia last year have dropped to a ranking of 51-100 this year.

Notably, Joo Ok dropped 33 places from No. 18 to No. 51 and Samrub Samrub Thai dropped 51 places from No. 31 to No. 82.

Ete also saw a drop of 49 places from No. 41 to No. 90.

A dish of yung fu in Hong Kong. Hong Kong tops the 51-100 list with eight places.

The 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2023

Hong Kong continued to rule with the most restaurants on the 51-100 list, with eight restaurants in the ranking.

Singapore’s Thevar saw the biggest jump on this list – jumping from No. 92 to No. 56 – and moved closer to the top 50. India’s Bukhara also closed its gap, moving 14 places from No. 66 to No. 52.

Here is the extended list:

51- Joo Ok (Seoul, South Korea)

52- Bukhara (New Delhi, India)

53- Ta Fei (Hong Kong)

54- Yung Fu (Hong Kong)

55. 7th Door (Seoul, South Korea)

56 – Thevar (Singapore)

57. Logy (Taipei, Taiwan)

58. Jade Dragon (Macau)

59. Jin Sha (Hangzhou, China)

60- Lifu (Toyama, Japan)

61 – Ando (Hong Kong)

62- Astro (Hong Kong)

63- Lula (Singapore)

64- Sugita (Tokyo, Japan)

65- Ultraviolet rays by Paul Barré (Shanghai, China).

66- Americano (Mumbai, India)

67- Esquisse (Tokyo, Japan)

68- Eatanic Garden at Josun Palace (Seoul, South Korea)

69- Ministry of Crab (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

70.8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana (Hong Kong)

71- Cote by Mauro Colagreco (Bangkok, Thailand)

72- Wanna Yok (Bangkok, Thailand)

73- Lairdtip Wangin (Bangkok, Thailand)

74- Diwakan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

75- Nihonryori RyuGin (Tokyo, Japan)

76. Fu1015 (Shanghai, China)

Indonesia’s August Dish, new entry at No. 95. The restaurant also won the “One To Watch” award.

The 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2023

77- Ling Long (Beijing, China)

78- The Table (Mumbai, India).

79- Eat and Cook (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

80. Pizza Bar Day 38 (Toyo, Japan)

81- JA (Bangkok, Thailand)

82- Samrup Samrup Thai (Bangkok, Thailand)

83 – Nai: mother (Singapore)

84 – Jan by Kirk Westaway (Singapore)

85 – Claudine (Singapore)

86 – Summer Pavilion (Singapore)

87- Adachi Sushi (Taipei, Taiwan)

88- Obscura (Shanghai, China)

89- Meet the Bund (Shanghai, China)

90- Ete (Tokyo, Japan)

91- Hommage (Tokyo, Japan)

92- Golden Flower (Macau).

93- Eka (Mumbai, India)

94- Nadodi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

95 – August (Jakarta, Indonesia)

96- Liberte (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

97- Sushi Hair (Hong Kong)

98- Insatiable (Bangkok, Thailand)

99- Shen Rong Jie (Hong Kong)

100- Via (Hong Kong)

Singapore restaurants occupy nine coveted spots – up from seven last year. Odette, which has twice been named Best Restaurant in Asia, tops the list at number six.

Pastry Chef Louisa Lim also received the ‘Best Pastry Chef in Asia’ award.

All Singapore restaurants – with the exception of Jaan by Kirk Westaway – have seen improvements to the top 100 list.

For example, Australian barbecue restaurant Burnt Ends has regained its footing after falling 27 places last year – jumping 17 places to 24th.

The interior view of the maze in Singapore, winner of this year’s “Top Climber” award.

The 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2023

Labyrinth also moved up 29 places to No. 11, winning the “Highest Climber” award. Bourne is the highest-grossing new entry in Singapore this year at number 36.

Drew told CNBC that this has been a “huge year” for Singapore’s culinary scene.

He added: “There are myriad explanations as to why some regions are emerging so strongly – it could be a case of Covid restrictions changing across certain countries in recent years.”

Or more broadly, it could be an indication of changing culinary tastes, or it could also indicate that a geographic area is becoming more important.

The list is an “annual snapshot” of the opinions of more than 300 industry experts, according to the top 50 organizations, referred to as “The Academy.”

They are the authors of food writers, critics, chefs, and restaurateurs from around the region.

The top 50 organization added that the panel is “gender-balanced,” and each member was given 10 votes to nominate restaurants — with a maximum of seven located within their home country.

Odette’s Scottish blue lobster dish in Singapore. The restaurant, which has twice been named Best Restaurant in Asia, was ranked sixth this year.

The 50 best restaurants in Asia for 2023

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