The baht continued to decline in value by 5.86 points.

The baht price this evening was 36.79 baht/$, down from this morning's market opening of 36.67 baht/$. The Bank of Thailand (BoT) revealed that the Thai economy improved overall in April compared to the previous month. According to the expanding service sector, this is in line with the income of the tourism sector and the increasing numbers of foreign tourists. After the end of Ramadan, domestic demand for both consumption and private investment rose after declining in the previous month. Exports of goods, excluding gold, increased in many product categories. This is in line with the increase in industrial production.

The Thai stock index closed today at 1,345.66 points, down 5.86 points, with a trading value of 74,843.96 million baht, net sales to foreigners of 4,092.37 million baht.

The Nikkei, Tokyo's stock market, closed positive today (May 31) after falling for 3 straight days, with investors buying stocks to speculate. After falling to the lowest level in one month yesterday. The benchmark Nikkei index closed at 38,487.90 points, up 433.77 points.

The Hang Seng, Hong Kong's stock market, closed negative today. The market was under pressure due to concerns about China's economic outlook. After it was reported that China's manufacturing sector contracted in April. The Hang Seng Index closed at 18,079.61 points, down 150.58 points.

Gold price in the country today There was an upward movement 4 times before the market closed, an increase of 100 baht Gold price report today

— Gold bullion is bought at 40,700 baht per baht and sold at 40,800 baht per baht.

— Gold jewelry is bought at 39,967.76 baht per baht, and sold at 41,300 baht per baht.


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