Nok Chatchai leads the Jaipisut volunteer “sermon-um-job” team to teach English to beginners.

It's a good activity. Another activity and this is what made the actors of the drama 'Jai Phisut' really happy when Channel 3 joined the camps of Metta and Mahanyom. I organized the activity “Jai Pisut Volunteer Teaching English” to invite everyone to come together and be a part of being a volunteer teacher.

Led by the organizer Nok Chatchai Join together Thesa Myron, Om Isaya, Job Thachapon, Mai Nata Lloyd, Tui Nisha And Pan Thanafon To help enhance the knowledge and basic English skills of 100 beginners at Wat Dhammamongkol Thao Bunnonthawihan, Sukhumvit 101.

In this volunteer activity actors Mother's sermon And job I would like to work as an English teacher for beginners. Mai nata lloyd, pan And Screw pine Accept the role of assistant teacher

The young preacher immediately assumed the role of teacher and introduced himself in English. Then start teaching simple language. Start by having beginners memorize the English alphabet. And pronounce accordingly before teaching how to combine letters to become words, what Teacher Sermon, Teacher Um, and Teacher Job fully intend to teach. Until it came to the final match, where the teacher asked Om to show his drawing skills. To guess what this picture is, the beginner answered correctly in each picture.

In this work the teachers and the novices really enjoyed teaching this time. After completing all the activities, it was time to serve lunch to the monks and novices. She donated 90,800 baht, which is the income after deducting the expenses of selling drama T-shirts. “pure heart” Contribute to scholarships for monks and novices. Finish by receiving a blessing from Luang Phor before returning home. It is considered a good activity. That everyone is satisfied and full of merit.

In this work, the young hero delivers a sermon. This activity revealed that “Today I am very happy to be a part of teaching English to beginners. It is an activity that we all want to do. Because it has helped the community as well. Anyone who wants to come and do activities like this like me. You can contact the temple to volunteer to teach English.

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