The answer now is a person or a ghost. Painful viral clip of grandmother walking on the side of the road at one in the morning. The truth is more disturbing than she thought.

The answer now is a person or a ghost. A viral clip of a young woman riding home in a car. A grandmother was found walking on the side of the road at 1 a.m. and reporters were unable to find her. But the truth is more worrying than you think.

From the case of Ms. Suvatra, 24 years old, a factory worker, who posted a very scary clip on TikTok under the account name @mooksuphatra. There have been nearly 3 million views, It was an accident while riding a motorcycle back from work using the Wat Khlong Khut Lek-Rama 2 road at 1:16 AM on June 11, 2024. It turned out to be an accident while riding a motorcycle back home in. It was dark, and suddenly there were old people walking on the side of the road, which startled me. Is he a person or not? Because it is a time when no one is likely to walk in the streets.

The clip went viral and was shared across various platforms. Some say he is an articulate person. Grandma's house might be there. Or go out and find something but some said they didn't see it. Some said it was strange for someone to walk in a place and time like this.

Recently, journalists went to the area to check the facts and found Ms. Supatra taking them to point out the location where the elderly woman was found. It is a road paved on two sides, with houses and people interspersed between them. Ms. Supatra said that on the day of the accident, she left work at 1 a.m. and was riding her motorcycle home as usual, so she picked up her phone and took a picture out of fear. I intend to take pictures at home, which is not far. When we arrived at the scene, we found a grandmother walking on the side of the road. Which at first was very startled but when I regained consciousness, I thought it was a person.

Later, the reporter investigated and discovered that the old grandmother in the clip was Grandma Poncho, who was 81 years old, so she went to look for her at home, but she found only her daughter, Mrs. Choli, who was 51 years old, and she confirmed that the person in the clip was her mother. During this time, he often walked along the road every night. I tell you to go and spread goodness or do something else. It's up to your mother to think. His mother was very forgetful and elderly, which was normal in the area, and did not follow her because it was time for her to go home alone. He takes good care of him but can't force or stop him. On the day of the accident he had already followed up. His mother didn't want him to follow, so she let him go because he would be home soon.

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