Excellent skill! Thatchatawan Sripan, the first Thai coach to win every major tournament in Thailand.

After “God's Football” True Bangkok United defeated Dragon Pathumwan Kanchanaburi FC 4-1 on penalties after 120 minutes, and tied 1-1, True Bangkok won 5-2 on aggregate and won the 2023 Chang Cup Championship -24 and receive a prize money of 5,000,000 baht and the right to compete in the Asian Football Competition. The 2024-25 Champions League play-off round, which will have to visit Shandong Taishan, the Chinese Super League runner-up, on August 13, 2024, includes True Bangkok, FA Cup champions Buriram United and Thai League champions in Thailand. Champions Cup before the start of the 2024-25 season as well

Written by “Coach Pan” Thatchatawan Sripan, the coach of True Bangkok, who led the team to open the first major championship in the club’s history called True Bangkok, after having previously won the largest major championship, which was the 2006 Thai League champion with the original name Bangkok University, which was coach Pan’s success this time. Which made him the first Thai coach to sweep every Thai league championship, and every cup.

One-time Thai League champion with Muangthong United in 2016

Two-time League Cup champion with Muangthong United, 2016 and 2017.

Thailand Champions Cup twice with Muangthong United once in 2017, True Bangkok once in 2023

One-time Chang Cup Champion with True Bangkok, 2023-24

As for the quota of 3 teams in the Thai League that will play in the 2024-25 AFC Club Battle, including Buriram United, the Thai League champion, has entered the group stage of the 2024-25 AFC Elite Champions League, which group format will be changed, with a total of 12 teams from East Coast. Each team will play 8 matches to determine the teams ranked 1 to 8 to play in the next round.

As for True Bangkok, as the champion of the Chang Cup, they will have to play the playoff against Shandong Taishan on August 13, 2024, where they will play one match in China. The winner enters the Elite Group stage, while the losing team relegates to the AFC Champions League 2, which will include Port Authority FC, the third-placed team in the Thai League, which gets the Thai League runner-up share instead of True Bang. Kok, who advanced to the Elite Cup qualifiers first, will divide the AFC Champions League 2 competition into 8 groups, 4 teams in each group, competing against each other, at home.

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