THCOM relieves weakness.!?

I feel amazed..!! When reviewing the 2023 budgetThaicom Public Company Limited or Thkum Because profits were higher than expected with a net profit of 354 million baht Compared to 2022, which was 42 million baht, it is growing tremendously. 737.8% never

As a result, Friday, February 9 saw a spike in short-term speculation in stocks. Thkum It was buzzing… as the market closed at 12.20 baht, up 0.40 baht or 3.39%, with a trading value of 110.82 million baht.

If you look at the financials the net profit is really growing the main reason is that in 2023 there will not be any decrease in equipment as in 2022, which should record an equipment decrease of 259 million baht as a result of the industry trend of general demand for streaming services. In addition to delays in requesting licenses to operate satellite businesses abroad due to changed operations. Causing the sale of channels to be delayed beyond the original business plan. Which caused the collapse of last year's budget.

whenAlleviate weaknessIf possible, the profits of this satellite will begin to shine again..!!

In addition, in 2023 Thkum There is also a special reference from the recognition of compensation income from a dispute with a contracting company, another lump sum of 301 million baht.

The telephone business in Lao PDR and from the heavy losses it incurred last year and into 2023, will continue to recover. In particular, the operating results of Lao Telecommunications Corporation Limited (LTC) improved. As a result, the share of loss recognized from investments in joint ventures decreased by 39.9% to only 184 million baht from 306 million baht in 2022.

At the end of 2023, there were a total of 2.53 million mobile subscribers in the system, an increase from the previous year when there were 2.33 million subscribers.

From 2022, exchange rate losses were previously recognised. Of the Kip currency compared to the US dollar significantly, in 2023 there will be fewer losses. Of consumption that would otherwise be reduced

From the aftermath and therefore the last line number of Thkum Looks good as you can see..!?

Hopefully 2024 will be good too.

Well…I feel like since I moved to the census, I'm a kid…Gulf Energy Development Company General Limited or Gulf Full body, obviously a lot of development.

I wonder if I will get a good nurse..!! That's so cute..

Well…2023 dividend looks good…but unfortunately this time a slightly lower dividend payment was announced, only 13 satangs. (Compared to last year, he paid a huge amount of 50 satang) The XD mark is scheduled to go public on February 21 and a dividend payment is scheduled for April 26, 2024.

Here, if you are braver, stocks. Thkum It should be more shocking than this.

Let's face it…shareholders still have pocket money. As for the person who got the most, it would probably be the nanny. Gulf This time, we received approx 58.62 million bahtIt's thick…

Very envious..!!

…Heh heh heh…

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