Everyone has different problems.

Everyone has different problems.
Don't think that your life is too difficult.
Until it became as if you were carrying the whole world alone
Let's look at the most difficult people.
People who face more problems
People who have more serious problems

Rich people have so much to think about that they don't have time for their families.
The poor only think about where they will find money tomorrow to survive.
People who study feel stressed about studying for exams.
People who work have to face many responsibilities. As a broken-hearted person must cry out loud, he must live or die with his love.

Everyone has problems and is tired. Both body and mind
You just have different problems.

Life is still breathing, and you must keep fighting. You can feel frustrated but you can't give up.
Responsibility There is still a lot of burden waiting.
If you are tired, sit down and rest. When I feel tired, I keep going.
As time goes by, things will get better as they were before.

Still life has many good stories.
Both the happiness that was experienced and the possibility of experiencing it again in the future
Including happiness that you have never experienced before.
I may see you soon.

On the bad days, there are always good days hiding.

Think about activities you enjoy.
Make a plan of action, and always look for new opportunities for yourself. Don't neglect new experiences. For the opportunity to find happiness in other forms
Think about the person who loves you. People who admire you to give myself encouragement

Good stories, we all have the opportunity to experience them, be happy in the present.

#See suffering, see Dhamma

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