“Thammanat” takes the group to Songkla. Opening of Klong Nang Water Pumping Station is a solution to flood-drought problems

“Thammanat” takes the group to Songkla. Opening of Khlong Nang Water Pumping Station solve the flood-drought problem for farmers affected every year.

15 October 2023 Captain Tammanat Brompao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Suchard Rakjit, Inspector General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, “Sathing Phra Peninsula Water Management Project, Water Pumping Station with Klong Nang,” Deputy Director General of the State Irrigation Department, Mr. Vidhya Gowmi, Director of the 16th Irrigation Office, Mr. Karun Plangrat, Mr. Siriphon Raksanaved, Director Medium Water Resources Development Division and stakeholders participated in the opening ceremony at Klong Ri Sub-District, Sating Pra District, Songkhla Province.

Part of Sating Phra District, Songkhla Province is one of the districts on the Sating Phra Peninsula. It has always experienced flood problems because the Songla lake basin is affected by heavy rains. Along with the rise and fall of sea water it causes widespread flooding every year. Also, there is a shortage of water for agriculture during the dry season. Govt Irrigation Department

Therefore, the construction of water pumping station and building for Klong Nang was undertaken by the Medium Water Resources Development Division. Sathing Phra Peninsula Water Management Project, Khlong Ri Subdistrict, Sathing Phra District, Songkhla Province, 2 machines capable of pumping water up to 10 cubic meters per second, construction period 4 years, construction now completed. Resolve water scarcity for agriculture and alleviate flooding in Sating Phra district. It also reduces damage to houses. And agricultural areas too

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