I invite you to take photos with PHOTOBOOTH JBL BEARHOUSE pearl milk tea and discount coupons for JBL products

Mahajak Development Company Limited invites Bearhouse fans and JBL audio fans to take photos with PhotoBooth JBL Ready to get a discount coupon to buy JBL products and a free cup of bubble milk tea (size M)!!
From October 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023, rights are limited to only 300 rights.

Activity: Take a photo using PhotoBooth at Bearhouse, Central Ladprao branch, then scan the QR code to register for an e-voucher, 40% off on participating JBL products. And sign up for an e-coupon to get one cup of bubble milk tea (size M) for free!!

Details of participating products are as follows:
JBL GO 2 price reduced to 620 baht (from regular price 1,490 baht)
JBL Clip 3 price reduced to 850 baht (from regular price 2,490 baht)
JBL T115 BT price reduced to 690 baht (from regular price 1,990 baht)
*Only in Soundcity All Branch, Mahachak All Branch’s showroom https://www.mahajak.com/estore

** – Only participating products/terms are determined by the company. Assigned/Company We reserve the right to change the terms without prior notice.
– Participating branches: Soundcity, each branch, Mahshak Showroom, each branch.
And https://www.mahajak.com/estore (By showing the electronic coupon via the line @mahajakstore)

For more information, please contact Mahajak Development Company Limited.
Font: @mahajakstore
Facebook: Life of Mahajak
Phone: 0020-256-02 ext: 382 or www.mahajak.com

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