Thai stocks fell 2.47 points under pressure from negative factors in the country. Waiting to see US inflation and the Fed meeting.

Thai stocks continued to decline, and the market closed at -2.47 points. Analysts revealed that Thai stocks lack any positive supporting factors today. It oscillates narrowly within a limited range. Especially the negative factors in countries that investors are concerned about. Domestic political issues due to increased uncertainty are both from the court case looking into the possibility of dissolving the KP, the Senate elections which could be problematic, and the Article 112 case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Prime Minister. Looking at tomorrow's investment framework, the support level is 1310 points and the resistance level is 1330 points, it is advisable to monitor the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) for May on Wednesday, including the Federal Reserve. ) The meeting will be announced on Thursday

The Thai stock market closed for trading on June 11, 2024, down -2.47 points or -0.19%, to close at 1,316.10 points, with a trading value of 45,342.88 million baht, while the total stock trading today fluctuated sideways during the day in which the index rose by a maximum of 1,325.52 points, and in The opposite trend fell to a minimum of 1314.35 points.

While the number of securities that changed today increased by 271 securities, remained unchanged by 173 securities, and decreased by 216 securities.

In terms of trading volume classified by investor group, it was found that foreign investors had net purchases of more than -3,208.68 million baht. Local investors made net purchases of more than +1,881.95 million baht. Securities company accounts recorded net purchases of more than +13.72 million baht. Institutional investors with net purchases of over +1,313.02 million baht.

The securities with the highest trading value are 5 securities
1.ADVANC trading value 1,810.01 million baht, closing at 211.00 baht, an increase of 2.00 baht.
2. PTTEP's trading value reached 1,675.82 million baht, closing at 150.00 baht, down 2.00 baht.
3. Trading value reached 1,596.20 million baht, closing at 21.10 baht, an increase of 1.10 baht.
4.AOT trading value was 1,563.68 million baht, closing at 60.25 baht, down 0.50 baht.
5.CPALL's trading value reached 1,289.81 million baht, closing at 57.00 baht, down 0.50 baht.

As for the SET100 index, the five classifications with the most positive price increases are:
1.EGCO shares closed at 103.50 baht, an increase of 2.50 baht, or 2.48%.
2.ADVANC stock closed at 211.00 baht, an increase of 2.00 baht or 0.96%.
3.JMART stock closed at 13.50 baht, an increase of 1.60 baht or 13.45%.
4.JMT stock closed at 16.50 baht, an increase of 1.60 baht or 10.74%.
5.HANA stock closed at 43.00 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 3.61%.

As for the SET100 index, the five classifications with the largest price declines are:
1.AEONTS stock closed at 139.50 baht, down 5.00 baht or 3.46%.
2.CBG stock closed at 68.00 baht, down 2.00 baht or 2.86%.
3.KBANK stock closed at 125.50 baht, down 2.00 baht or 1.57%.
4.PTTEP stock closed at 150.00 baht, down 2.00 baht or 1.32%.
5.BBL stock closed at 134.00 baht, down 1.50 baht or 1.11%.

While the SET100 index closed at 1,787.84 points, down -3.50 points, or -0.20%, the SET50 index closed at 809.92 points, down -1.71 points, or -0.21%, and the May Market index closed at 366.28 points, up 2.91 points, or 0.80%. %.

Today's Thai stock market has no positive factors in new issues to support the swing, said Mr Narongdit Chanthapisarn, Director of Securities Analysis at AIRA Securities. Therefore, the body moves to the side within a limited frame. In line with the regional market it has moved plus or minus about 5 points while investors are still waiting to follow the monthly US Consumer Price Index (CPI). May this Wednesday, analysts expect it to remain at a high level.

Among them is the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve) meeting, which is expected to make an announcement on Thursday morning. Although the market expects interest rates to remain steady, we are still waiting to see clear signs of the direction of interest rates in the future. Including Dot Plot predictions on whether the Fed will cut interest rates in September or not.

In addition, weight is given to internal political factors according to the increasing uncertainty. This month there are issues to follow: the Constitutional Court is considering the dissolution of the Cauclai Party on June 12, and the Attorney General intends to bring charges against Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Prime Minister. In violation of Section 112 and the Computer Crimes Act on June 18, including the election of senators (senators) at the provincial level on June 16.

“It is expected that the stock market trend tomorrow will continue to fluctuate sideways waiting for the various factors to become clear and tomorrow there will be a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), but initially it is considered unimportant because it is believed that the MPC will maintain interest rates, giving a support framework.” 1310 points and a resistance level of 1330 points.” Mr. Narongdj concluded his speech.

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