He answered “Sermon-Um”! After fans get excited about them being more than a couple, 'Tesat' reveals why he won't use Prowl's name. “Eggplant Sermon”

He answered “Sermon-Um”! After fans became excited about their status as more than just a couple, Sermon reveals why she won't use Prowl's name. “Engagement Eggplant” while Mum answers about the shocking feeling of a bully with a face like that that can be found around Siam.

Khun Ronjak and No Phook exited the drama “Jai Phisut” yesterday (June 10) together as a couple. Ready to take the opportunity to spoil the last 4 episodes of the drama and search for Nook's true origins. Who is baby mouse? Is it true that you are a descendant of the Theva Brahma family?

Um said it was the last curve that got too steep. The part where people come out Spoilers about the real mother have already been revealed. Who is this? It may not be what people spoiled. I'd rather wait to watch it live and be excited at the same time. There is also a love scene between Khun Jaak and No Bok where Sermon asks the director to increase the script so they can kiss each other on the pillow.

The part where fans started to get more excited. After seeing the chemistry of the engagement or this goes beyond the definition of a fantasy couple until it appears that they are actually a couple. They both said they were glad so many people were joking. But it has been confirmed that they are just sisters and brothers, and soon there will be a new drama in which they will play together again. I want you to wait and follow. Since they have different personalities from 'Jaipisut', they are both preparing for the occasion on Thursday, June 13.

At the event, she also opened the sermon on the issue of the prom's name. After his fan club initially suggested using the name “Engagement Eggplant,” he says he initially liked the name. But after I knew the meaning, I felt it would be better to change, and I quickly prepared 2-3 names for fans to vote for.

Meanwhile, Om answered the question-answering thread on Sam Zap's show. After some netizens criticized, “Ohm is not pretty. A face like that can be found everywhere around Siam.” “But the model went to meet you in Udon Thani,” causing fans to applaud loudly. Regarding Ohm's answer, which was considered an answer that was a shock stronger than electricity, Ohm said that he did not intend to shock him. I just want to correct netizens' understanding. The sermon even reached the point of praising that the answer was very good.

Watch on YouTube on: https://youtu.be/Cx8TH2shGw8

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