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Officers are examining the evidence today (8 July 2024). He inspected the site of the fire at Drok Po community in Yawarat area, Sampantwang district. Find the cause of this fire to gather evidence for the Bangkok forensic examination.

As Lt. Gen. Trairong Phewban, Commander of the Police Forensic Department. After joining to investigate the area believed to be the origin of the fire, it was revealed. It probably came from the second floor of a wooden house. And this information is consistent with the earlier testimony given by the witnesses.

Inside the 2nd floor Buddha cabinet, Buddha image, electrical equipment and electrical wires were found, but no evidence was found. Caused by short circuit or fire

After this, key evidence will be collected and analyzed through forensic science by OBEC officials. Evidence will then be given to the Police Investigation Committee to compile evidence for the case to analyze the facts of the fire incident.

Mr. We discovered this community from the research that was revealed when Chatsart Sithipan, the governor of Bangkok investigated the Trok Pho community. About 20 fire extinguishers were installed according to the number of residents. And the fire spread rapidly during the incident. Hence, the equipment to stop the incident could not be brought in time. But in this case the victims managed to leave the community in time. Because Bangkok has completed 1 escape drill

Many agencies provide relief bags to disaster victims.

On the same day, Nipapan Sukwimon, President of the Police Wives Association along with a group of Mrs. Police Housewives and police officers from Division 6 of the Metropolitan Police visited the area to distribute relief bags. Help victims of the Trok Pho community fire. More than a hundred people were waiting for relief bags.

There is also the Myanmar Ambassador. Based in Thailand and traveling to the Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Sampanthawang Temple. Join in condolence and visit disaster victims, Thais and foreigners alike

There are many people who import equipment, drinks and food to donate for the relief situation inside Sampantwang Temple. Including military kitchen vehicle. Set in the prep area The food is ready during tonight's dinner. The drinking water and clothing garden provided by the temple is sufficient to meet the current needs. So, I want to spread the idea to people that they should reduce the extra donation of drinking water and clothes.

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Helpless “Lao workers” escape the flames

Wait 1 month to send summary to National Park Board. It was decided to withdraw 260,000 rai from “Ba Thap Lan”.

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