Everyone can have a personal assistant through Saen-D (Sandee) app.

Sign D It is a revolutionary personal assistant application that combines the latest AI technology and attractive characters. To help users increase work efficiency, comfort, and relaxation while using the application

Everyone can have a personal assistant through Saen-D (Sandee) app.

Featured Features

  • 2D Live Chat: Interact with the AI ​​assistant in real time through the animated Saen-D characters.
  • Activity system: Register your activity schedule in advance. You will be notified when the time comes so you don't miss out.
  • Focus mode: Listen to soothing music during activities with the Pomodoro system, making you more focused while working.
  • Mini games to improve performance: Play fun games that help train your brain and relax.
    Personal performance reports and user mood statistics

Why Syn-D?

  • Instantly boost your productivity with the power of AI.
  • Reduce stress, increase focus, solve problems and be able to answer questions we don't know.
  • Customize beautiful clothes and illustrations as desired.
  • It is regularly updated with new features.

Saen-D is developed by Bot&Life Co., Ltd., a leading AI technology and app development company in Thailand. With a vision committed to creating innovations that perfectly integrate technology and lifestyle. To make users' lives better in the digital world.


price: It's free and there are premium packages.

website: https://saen-d.com

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