Tesla shareholders vote to approve a massive $48 billion payout to Elon Musk

Finally, the results of the vote on Elon Musk's compensation as Tesla CEO have been approved by shareholders. Making this the largest bonus arrangement to date. In the history of US companies originally at the beginning of the year Musk's compensation value will be 56,000 million US dollars (about 2,054,000 million baht), but if it is calculated from the current value of Tesla shares, it will be reduced to 48,000 million US dollars (about 1,761,000 million baht). ).

After announcing the results at the company's annual general meeting of shareholders, Elon Musk appeared on stage. Along with saying “Before I say anything else. Let me start by saying: 'Damn, I love you.'” Musk is not ready to receive a huge fortune right away. Because there is still a filing process to seek approval from the court. First, due to a previously existing issue, the Delaware court did not approve Musk's $56 billion compensation.

This led to an open vote on the resolution. Paying compensation to Elon Musk this time, what Tesla needs to do next is present the results of the vote this time to the court. He also confirmed that Musk did not use any manipulation or pressure techniques to get Tesla's board of directors and shareholders to vote in his favor. This time, the court is also expected to approve Tesla's approval to move the company from Delaware to Texas.

source: Driving, com. carscoops

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