Becky Rebecca achieved a record media value of 172 million baht

Creating a surprise for the fans of the Thai people too and after foreign media, Vogue Business magazine presented news summarizing the most influential figures. After the big event at the Cannes Film Festival in France

Rising stars rating of Thai actors Becky, Rebecca and Patricia Armstrong takes first place in Thailand from the series Girl Love. Create a history of being the hottest through social media. Choosing to present clothes from the famous brand, Balenciaga appeared on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Increase the value of being famous on all social media platforms online. Simply post 3 photos on your media channel. Creating media value for famous brands to reach $3.8 million. With an engagement rate of 75%, the Balenciaga brand tops the list of the most valuable media influencers at this season's Cannes Film Festival.

This is guaranteed by Leah Mao, head of marketing at Lefty, who collected information from celebrities and influencers traveling to the Cannes Film Festival. It is calculated by the number of posts tagged with the brand and the number of posts in the event.

“This shows the potential to collaborate with new influencers,” he said. Which resonated with a specific group of fans.”

this is not enough. Leading media outlets like Vogue Business also tweeted a comment via x twitter asking online fans for more information on social media between Becky Rebecca and international supermodel Bella Ha Who will be crowned the most influential person on social media at the Cannes Film Festival?

It has become a popular topic, making people all over the world want to know Becky more. While arranging convincing statistics for launch measurements he came out to sum up additional numbers. In addition to the popularity of Becky Rebecca, which pushed the fashion brand Balenciaga to rise in sales and compete for media space,

The high-end international brand that it works with, such as the Chopard diamond necklace and on behalf of VogueArabia, which came to help spread the news to promote the Red Sea International Film Festival, where we will see Becky walking the red carpet soon, also follows the hot trend in the media field. Moreover, it has been She is valued at US$862,000, plus the record from Balenciaga, and has a net worth of US$4.7 million.

He has more popularity ratings than supermodel influencer Bella Hadid, which is the total value of this business that has gone global. Rising Thai actress Becky has become very popular and in demand. After paying media statistics to translate it into Thai currency, the value comes to 172 million Thai baht.

He is considered the first Thai person to achieve this! Make proud of Thai people all over the country who see the success of Thai actors in the world-class entertainment industry.

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