Television – Initiation of investigation following the complaint against Jean-Jack Board


The RMC’s star political journalist has been accused of sexually harassing a former colleague. She complained. The Paris Attorney’s Office announced on Tuesday that the case was being taken up for hearing.

The RMC’s star political journalist, Jean-Jacques Bourdin, denies all allegations leveled against him by a former colleague.


The investigation began after suspicions of sexual harassment in Paris Complaint A former BFMTV / RMC journalist has filed a lawsuit against journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who is preparing to launch a new political campaign with முக்கியlysée’s leading candidates.

Altice Media, the channel’s owner, has backed the 72 – year – old presenter, saying he was “ready to take over” after a complaint of sexual harassment for the first time since 2013 was published in “Le Parisien” on Saturday. All the necessary steps depending on the “evolution” of this case.

The Paris Attorney’s Office said on Tuesday it had launched an investigation into the “sexual harassment” case, which was handed over to the 16th Arrondissement police station over a complaint lodged by a former BFMTV / RMC journalist at the same police station. “We’re pleased,” replied plaintiff’s attorney, Mr Lore Heinz.

He is said to have said, ‘I always get what I want’.

According to the complaint, the 33-year-old woman, who worked with the Chanel morning journalist for several years, says she “grabbed his neck”, “brought his face closer to his own” and “tried”. In October 2013 in the swimming pool of a hotel in Calvi (Corsica), she had to kiss him several times “without success”.

She “fights” and comes out of the pool. Jean-Jacques Bourdin would have said at the time: “I always get what I want”, “a threat from someone with a hike”. He would then send her stressful emails and text messages “for several months” until she left the group in 2017, the journalist says.

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The presenter denied these allegations. “I know this person, I worked with her. I admit I bathed with her in the swimming pool of this hotel. But I did not try to forcefully kiss her, or her or anyone else,” he replied to “Parisian” on Saturday.

These facts, more than eight years, are recommended, because in this case the drug is six years.

Following these revelations, Aldis Media Group, the owner of RMC and PFMTV, announced on Sunday that it would launch an internal investigation, specifically “to ensure that no such facts are brought to the attention of managers or colleagues of interested parties (complainant and defendants).”

“We have not reduced this accusation, nor given it a proportionate dimension,” BFMTV’s Director General “Parisian” Marc-Olivier Fogiel told the Associated Press on Sunday. . At the request of the AFP on Tuesday, the Altice team did not wish to comment.

In the image of the station, he is scheduled to launch his new political show “France in the eyes” on Tuesday, which will include an interview conducted in the region and live with the leading candidates for Élysée, with Valérie Pécresse as the first guest at Correze.


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