Tek Shiro has been banned from DJing because he is old and outdated. He suggests ways to generate energy and get rid of 20 million in debt.

Wednesday 31 January 2024 at 11.45 am

after that “Take Shiro” There were reports that he was bankrupt and had debts worth 20 million.Celebrities sit and clean up on Channel 8 So I would like to invite him to sit down and talk about the reasons for this. Ready to tell you the secret to fighting life and getting out of debt. Additionally, I disappeared from the music industry for 10 years and was blocked by DJs who didn't want to ask for an interview. Because I'm old. You can follow different stories. https://youtu.be/DkhBb6Z-_fA?si=qE_jZNCuLX8N_WUY

I heard it's been banned. What will you do with it?

Not a middleman, but a DJ or someone who is good at presenting music. He doesn't really want to do interviews. He said I was an old, outdated singer, and he must have thought that since I hadn't sung in the industry for about 10 years, he had forgotten. Because at that time I went to do more celebrations.

I would like P'Tik to speak as a lesson to the fans. If someone has a problem like P'Tik what can they do?

I have to sell everything. Work and use the money to pay off debts. Do everything to get out of debt. Then you will be able to start a new life. Like a love song that refuses to change, it's a way to start life over.

Debt That Day What lessons do you teach and give to P'Tik?

Life is like a sacred thing, it tests us. Who has the most resistance? The power of love from family also gives us the strength to move forward. I turned and looked at myself, using this method, even though it is very painful, solving one problem at a time, solving it step by step. Which one can be fixed first? This isn't fixed yet, so hang on to it, collect it gradually, build it up, and use it gradually. There is no need to be shy. When life fails you must fight with perseverance.

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