Saucepan! Young people find love and get married. After purchasing neighboring properties

Start with the neighbors and end with the lover! Young people from Zhejiang Province purchased a neighboring property on the 11th floor of a luxury apartment in 2022, before the couple fell in love and married.

Mr. Zhang and Miss Min didn't know each other before. They met for the first time when they were both decorating their homes. In order to move in because Mr. Zhang is an interior designer. The woman asked him for advice. So the two talked.

“I helped her design a shoe cabinet next to the door. The one looks like mine.” Mr. Zhang said

As we got to know each other better they started to fall in love and discovered that they had many things in common. Whether it is a favorite hobby or sport including tastes and preferences in home decor.

They feel comfortable together. But they are in no hurry to develop relationships. Mr. Zhang felt that I myself am very lucky to have bought a room next to someone as beautiful as Min.

“She is very beautiful.” Mr. Zhang said

In March last year, Mr Chang moved into the apartment, and then three months later Ms Min moved in. They started dating and after about seven months, Mr. Zhang asked her to marry him. The couple married on January 6.

The bride and groom's ornate residence (Image from: Baidu)
After the marriage, Young Lady Min moved into Mr. Zhang's room. But she still has her room. The couple didn't plan to hit the room's walls together. When the parents came to visit they would stay in Miss Min's room instead.

“Even though we are a couple. But sometimes we still need privacy. Including personal space.” Mr. Zhang said

The two received blessings from many neighbors who thought they were a good match. After publishing their story, it became very popular among Internet users. With comments like “They really suit each other,” “Oh, that's so beautiful, don't you think?” And “they were meant to be together.”

source: Young Chinese neighbors who fell in love while chatting about interior design get married, keep separate houses on the same floor (SCMP)

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