'Team Orange' controls Social Security A warning signal that the government needs to watch the game to solve the purge law.

“Deep Secret Message” Published by SONDHI APP Application.TV station NEWS1 YouTube channelMessage 1 and a Facebook fan pageMessage 1 The Management Team by Politics and Justice News Editor Nobarat Bruanczuk, Wednesday February 21, 2024, Episode 'Team Orange' controls Social Security A warning signal that the government needs to watch the game to solve the purge law.

Another social movement closely watching the Social Security Board elections. The election of the Social Security Committee for Employers and Employees shall be concluded with the approval of the Ministry of Labour.

But it seems the situation did not end there. Because it is beginning to be known that there is an attempt to amend the law to cancel the Social Security Board elections.

In this regard, Social Security Board is considered as a very important task. Because they have to take care of approximately 510,000 companies and about 24 million insured members, providing opinions, policies, procedures, regulations, and looking after the financial welfare. and the terms of receipt, payment and provision of benefits

And maintain the fund's cash reserves of approximately 2 trillion baht

Previously, those who served on the Social Security Board were elected indirectly through the union process. In principle this seems good, but in practice it is quite the opposite. Because there were criticisms that the administration was not transparent. and does not attempt to push the insured's important agendas.

In addition to compensation, welfare, or Medicare increases, in the long run, Social Security funds become more burdensome after an aging population enters society. This may cause financial management problems in the long run if there is no change in the structure of the Social Security Board.

Hence, the Act was amended in 2015. To pave the way for the first election on December 24, 2023.

But the election results show that Social Security is progressive. In which Mr. Thanathorne has therefore been a key resource for the Rungruangit Development Committee Chair A total of 7 to 6 people have been elected to staff the Social Security Board, including:

Mr. Chattaram Thambusathi 71,917 points, Mr. Tanabong Chuamuyangban 69,403 points, Mr. Salith Rattapana 69,264 points, Mr. Siwawong Chukthawee 69,256 points, Ms. Naladphon Krairiksh 69,256 points, Smt. Naladphon Krairiksh 68.13 points, Smt.

After 1 month, there is a tendency to rush the Election Commission (EC) to certify the election results. But they will have to wait until February to be officially certified and appointed.

However, the story did not end here. Because the Social Security Committee has shown that it is progressive, the Ministry of Labor has proposed amendments to the Social Security Act. The Social Security Board elections should be cancelled. To return to the original meeting mode

That is, the Cabinet will notify the criteria and methods for obtaining representatives of the employer side and the insured side, considering the participation of the employer side. Insured persons, women and men, disabled and underprivileged

The trend began to ripple until Social Security Administration administrators had to come out and admit that such a law had actually been proposed. But the draft law is proposed from 2022, ahead of the Social Security Board elections. Without abolishing the electoral system, recruitment should be increased in emergency situations where the Social Security Board cannot be elected. To prevent damage to financial management. It was then that the House of Representatives was dissolved. The amendment causes the suspension.

Still, no progress has been made on the amendment. And the story seems to end here. But don't forget that politically progressive teachers were able to enter the Social Security Board in large numbers which further widened the vote base for the party. This will not benefit the government in the long run especially among the workers.

The draft law could be folded, according to the Social Security Administration executive. But that doesn't mean it can't be resurrected. Because there is a minister from the Bhumjaitai Party in the Ministry of Labour. Cao Khlai Party's main enemy will definitely not let his opponent open his eyes.

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