Samsung includes a simple way for beginners to change their home into a smart home using SmartThings. Start the change from your favorite little corner.

Bangkok, Thailand (February 21, 2024) – Although the smart home trend has grown significantly in the past year, most Thai consumers' understanding of smart home is still seen as a limitation. Because it is seen as difficult to use there are many platforms that need to be downloaded. There is also the cost of purchasing additional equipment.

But owning a smart home is not as difficult and not as expensive as you think, just get the SmartThings app, and Samsung invites beginners to start building a smart home, starting with a small corner of the house that they love and with a very simple installation method. It is easy, anyone can do it.

SmartThings sets a new standard for the smart home, easy to set up and hassle free. It comes with the typical convenience of use for Samsung SmartThings, and both help in setting up automatic settings for different areas in the house, including setting automatic on and off every day. Increases comfort and saves energy. Let's take a look at how SmartThings can help you make your busy life easier.

1. Create an atmosphere and immerse yourself in a premium entertainment experience while watching your favorite movies by controlling the TV and room lights to enhance your favorite movie viewing experience.

2. Easily check the front door of the TV. You don't have to get up and watch it for it to spoil the atmosphere and interrupt you. Whether it's the food you ordered or your friends arriving at your door. There is no need to stop cooking and you can continue watching movies. Don't worry, just tap to open the door from your mobile phone.

3. Take care of your pets at all times when you are out of the house, follow and peek at your pets with BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ or a smart camera connected to SmartThings. Turn on the air conditioning – Turn on the lights for your child from outside the house.

4. Healthy Design Make it a routine that allows you to establish the correct exercise posture. Ready to measure your heart rate and the amount of calories burned during exercise with Galaxy Watch 6 after exercise. Browse the healthy menu at SmartThings Cooking.There are many healthy meal recipes to help you reach your goals faster.

5. Create a laundry schedule. For fresh, clean clothes you can prepare your laundry to finish immediately when you return home.

6. Paying attention to air quality for family members. Turn on the air conditioner from outside the house. To get cool as soon as you get home or even receive notifications when you need to change your air filter for cleaner air.

All of this can be done through one SmartThings platform. Including the ability to open individual experiences Set to checkout Edit to your liking, from the small angle you want with one click, such as the work-at-home lifestyle can be done in a very smart way.

Create a productive work atmosphere by adjusting the lighting in the room. It also meets the needs of multitasking work by washing clothes as well. When the laundry is done, you will be notified immediately via the SmartThings app. You can control the entire home with just one button.

Moreover, SmartThings help save energy intelligently. Don't worry about a monthly electricity bill thanks to SmartThings Energy, an intelligent system that helps you manage, track, monitor and report the energy usage results of your home appliances easily and quickly. Even non-smart devices can be connected via Smart Plug for even more savings.

The AI ​​energy saving system can be enabled on those electrical appliances that have the supported feature. You can adjust the power level to suit actual usage. Control your electricity bill within the target you set.

SmartThings can connect up to 200 devices, and add up to 10 more people to your SmartThings account for a smarter, easier life. Currently popular, the SmartThings app has been downloaded by 310 million people worldwide and 2.7 million people in Thailand, and can be used with a wide range of Smart Home products.

Including various devices produced according to the Matter standard, currently connected to more than 5,000 types of electrical appliances and equipment from 300 brands, you can monitor and control all smart devices in one place on your smartphone or tablet. Tablets, smart watches, TVs and refrigerators

It can be downloaded for both Android and IOS. For those interested, you can experience the best innovations that provide convenience with a new smart home fully integrated with SmartThings at the Smart Home Flagship Store at SB Design Square, Crystal Design Branch. Center (CDC)

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