Teacher Baibon talks about the fact that there are people talking now, she is a beautiful woman and is ready to make her debut if the woman is serious.

It makes girls who read this news feel sad when… Master Paipun Saengdwin The widowed father of two spoke on Nikki's activity show where he sat down and talked and opened up about everything recently, Guru ByeBun revealed that now I'm single but I have someone to talk to.

My current status is single, I have been single for 5 months, there are almost no girls who come to flirt with me, but there is always teasing and teasing and I don't know if he is serious or not. There are some, but not many. I rarely read. Most of them will email me. To answer or not, you have to look at the profile first. If you look at their profile and find that you are beautiful and have a real identity, just answer them briefly and say yes, there are always answers.

With Noorat, who works with Nong, she has a sponsored project to review. I want to help him too. Because he wanted to have a home when I went to create content with him, we worked together. It is enough to have money and income.

Have you ever actually gone on a date? Is he without a camera?
There is no such thing as acquaintances. we are brothers. He is our younger brother. I'd rather talk to his manager.

Before Master Baibon continued: “But now there are beautiful people speaking, not people from the industry, just ordinary people who are just starting to talk seriously. It hasn't been a month yet. I'm afraid he will run away first.

It is believed that such a person is serious if he is a little over 20 years old. He greeted me and talked for a while I went to see him but nothing. He came to see me at the hotel. I opened the hotel because I didn't want to go to a public place for fear of people taking pictures, and I protected it because I was afraid he would feel uncomfortable.

When he came to me I was so excited. Open it and see it on the cover. I love being a country girl. He was wearing normal clothes and came to me. We sat and talked. Getting to know each other sitting and talking on the bed

If we became lovers, I would ask my younger brother to tell me about the first day we met, and I wouldn't do anything. It's a feeling that gives each other good feelings. Am I happy to meet you? Do you miss me? It's normal to have hugs and kisses. I didn't do it because I felt like I was meeting for the first time. And he's nice.

What are the specifications like?
I love ordinary people. No need for kids but what I'm into is the idea of ​​whether we can go together or not, ideas and understanding. If we can't talk together, stop and just be friends. I am a rural person from the northeast who wants someone to love me. If I love someone so beautiful, they may not love me. Such a young man, how beautiful is he? He might look down on us and say we're not handsome.

But people like this I have money and I can choose. I'm not rich and I can't choose. I don't have many treasures. Not your half, Nikki. When I went to talk to a woman because I was single when I talk to women, I don't talk about money. Let's talk about whether he can accept my condition or not. Is he okay in our lives?

Do you still want to have a family?
I still want to get it. I am a lonely person. It is as if there is a lack of warmth in love and married life. When I have a boyfriend, I work more, and I don't have time to brag to my boyfriend. I didn't go out with my girlfriend. I want to travel, I want to feel it.

But in the past, I didn't do it because I thought that married life is just living together, sleeping together, working together, but actually adding sweetness is important. This issue is important. Do not think that he will not go, he will go, if we do not go, he will go if we reach the point of saturation with love these days. Because there is a very easy way to get new things, but when you say you are single, you are very lonely, and people have already welcomed you.

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