NASA adjusts its plans for the Hubble Gyroscope to extend the life of the exploration mission

NASA announces modifications to plans to use Hubble to operate using a single gyroscope. To solve the problem and extend the life of the camera to continue its mission of exploring the universe.

On May 24, the Hubble Space Telescope was immediately placed in safe mode after one of its gyroscopes malfunctioned. As a result, the Hubble Telescope cannot precisely rotate its position to observe objects in the sky. This was the same gyro that had the same problem again. Both in November 2023 and April 2024

In order for Hubble to continue its exploration work, NASA decided to modify its plans to work with only one gyroscope. Previously, it was possible to use 2-3 gyroscopes to help adjust the camera rotation position in order to have a backup gyroscope for future work. Extending the life of the Hubble mission until at least 2030.

Working with just one gyroscope, this gives Hubble time to adjust its direction and lock on to its target in the sky. There are also limits to the area that can be explored in each period. It is unable to track objects closer to Mars as usual, but it will not affect the quality of the data that the space telescope can record.

NASA expects Hubble to return to normal duties in mid-June. This marks the 34th year of the Hubble Space Telescope. After traveling into orbit since April 1990

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