Take a look at the features of ColorOS 14. What is interesting, which OPPO mobile phones have received the update?

After Google launched Android 14, OPPO recently unveiled its own operating system platform. ColorOS 14 Based on Android 14 within the concept of Smart&Smooth or Smart and Smooth. You can call it erasing the brand image and not releasing updates at all. For this system, OPPO focuses on being easy to use, concise and not difficult to use in the different menus.

to ColorOS 14 It will be developed inspired by water, called Aquamorphic Design, which wants to focus on connecting the relationship between humans and technology. There is a completely new design, be it sound effects, colors, interactive systems, menu features, etc. Oppo says that it is cooperating with agencies specializing in world-class sounds, such as ringtones, notification sounds, ringtones, and others. .

“Another interesting thing.”Watercolor system” is to adjust the overall color tone to match the lighting conditions of each time period. It looks like you are part of life, for example, 6 AM will be orange, or sunlight is starting a new day, or 6 PM will be a dark tone. It shows that the time has It’s already night.

New highlights Capsules It is a point that displays a short function of what is currently being done, such as recording audio, launching a music player, etc., and when you press it, a pop-up window will appear displaying a menu to control further use. In addition, the Always-On screen contains animated images, and it continues With nature, it is called GO Green Always-On Display, which displays information about the number of steps you have taken. To what extent will this step reduce carbon dioxide?

Trinity Engine Another important feature is such as the AI-powered processing center, where users can manage the internal storage, RAM or processing units such as acceleration and others.

Which OPPO mobile phones will be upgraded to ColorOS 14 (only available in Thailand)?

Updated October 2023

November update

December update

Updated January 2024

Updated April 2024

However, updates vary from country to country. But the update plan is for the global version, so it should definitely be updated. Who uses the smartphone on the list in October and November? Has it been updated? Make some noise.

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