Sadness! “Lawyer Somyot” found “Sukhjoy” died After his wife informed the police, the crime branch police followed him and did not return home for several days.

Sadness! “Lawyer Somyot” found “Sukhjoy” died after his wife informed the Crime Branch police and asked them to follow him. He did not come home for several days

At 12:37 pm on November 18, Kok Kram Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Police Lt. Col. Vitaya Kongthong received the coordination. Pol.Sgt.Kittiphong Last Name Not Known (Police Crime Prevention Division) requested help at Bang Chak gas station through C3i system. Near the entrance of Soi Pra Chertmanukit 15, Sorake Bua Sub-District, Lat Phrao District, Bangkok, Wat Devasundhon Advocate Mr. Somyot Sukjoy, 66 years old. A Toyota Hilux 4 door, bronze gray color, registration number KK7591 Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya had a tired feeling inside. When we arrived, we found the Por Tek Tung Foundation helping to take him to Nawavet Hospital.

From the investigation Pol.Sgt.Kittiphong ill Mr. Somiode said he had a wife who had come to the crime branch to seek help in locating her husband as he had not come home for several days. My husband is a lawyer who has handled many big cases so I am afraid of danger. The sheriff’s department followed and found the area, but the man was in shock. The Trust was informed to come to the rescue and take him to Nawavet Hospital. Later, he was informed that the man had died. There are no other lesions in the body with coronary artery disease. Coordinating with Ruamkadanyu Trust to transport victim to Forensic Medical Institute, Police Hospital for post mortem examination to determine cause of death.

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