Take 4 business lessons from Taylor Swift, the name of the artist worth 20 billion baht.

Taylor Swift is no longer just an artist name, it has become a brand worth 20 billion baht because wherever this name appears, it will attract the attention of people all over the world. If you look at it from a business perspective, Taylor Swift’s success also has parts that can be used to develop a business model.

Taking business lessons from Taylor Swift’s success

Taylor Swift is only 33 years old, but her net worth is $780 million, or roughly 20 billion baht, even though she is not a businesswoman. But she can create value for the Taylor Swift name through these four ideas.

1. Never stop introducing yourself.

When Taylor was just 11 years old, she went to record companies to sing for them. Although she is rejected by the record company, she never stops trying to introduce her talents or advantages. And go back to practicing and developing yourself, including practicing your songwriting, every day.

This is something that companies just starting out should use. Trying to attract people who are interested in your product, idea, or capability. It’s very important. The more you convince customers and investors to believe in your products and services, the better. The more business opportunities, the more opportunities for growth.

2. Building good relationships with business partners.

Taylor is one of those people who pays close attention to the details of those around him, whether they are executives. radio host and the rest of her behind-the-scenes staff say Taylor cares about them. They also care about their family members as well and as a result, she has many friends who support and motivate her.

Therefore, building good relationships is one of the foundations of business success. Because besides customers and investors there are also business partners. It’s an important force that can help support business growth as well. Therefore companies should pay close attention to their business partners.

3. Find new things that are different from others.

Did you know that the only thing that keeps companies away from success is having too many similar products and services? Causing an increase in the supply of these products in the market. If you want your business to grow continuously in the long term, you must always research and innovate. To make your business stand out from others

Taylor is an example of very good innovation. Although popular music genres change all the time, she is never one to follow trends, Taylor is always making new music in her own way, so any song she releases will definitely attract people’s attention.

4. Approach the target group

Knowing your target audience and where they are located is key to attracting people interested in your business. Because no matter how much new and interesting things you create, they will not reach the target audience. Everything you did will be wasted. Especially in an era where social media platforms abound. Businesses should choose to use social media to match their target audience.

Just like Taylor Swift knows her fans so well. Instead of waiting for a radio player to play her song for her fans, she instead chose to communicate directly with fans through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, as most of Taylor’s fans are online and follow the news via social media.

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