Bungie apologizes, offering a special Destiny 2 currency worth 1,629 baht to players who were banned through no fault of their own.

Bungie is taking responsibility for players who were wrongly banned with an apology and an additional amount of currency.

A few days ago, the Bungie development team issued a wave of bans against players who violated the rules. Or making the same mistake multiple times in Destiny 2, especially players who cheat in the game. And players with inappropriate behavior

Although the major ban will have a positive impact on the game, however, some players have reported to Bungie that they have been banned for unknown reasons. Or they were banned even though they had not committed any crime, after Bungie checked again. It lifted the ban on a “small group” of players and apologized for giving them 5,000 Silver Coins, a special currency worth 45 coins or about 1,629 baht.

“Although our system for checking players for rule violations is accurate, it has been found that on very rare occasions our system detects players who are not actually committing crimes. This error will be investigated. We will work as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.” – Bungie’s message to players Affected people

Although most players are satisfied with the compensation and with the Bungie development team apologizing, some have expressed their complaints that Destiny 2’s ban system lacks transparency. It has slow response and it is expected that Bungie will continue to improve the player ban system.

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